Let Those Who Love Him Say So

Words Received May 19, 2017

Let those who love Me say so now, for they will not get the chance when the clock strikes midnight.  The door closes to those who have not repented.  Their pride blinds them to the leading of My Holy Spirit.  The tell will be when the days grow longer and the wheat is ready to be harvested.  When will my pride and joy be taken is what you want to know.  I will tell you.  When I tell My Son.  You see, you will not know.  That is why you are to be ready always, waiting to hear the call of your beloved Bridegroom, My only Son in whom I love.

Tomahawks line the walls of the wicked.  They taunt my children day and night and slaughter my animals with malice and avarice.  Taking them to the depths of Sheol will be their reward.  Their arrogant pride has consumed them from the inside out.  Total control is their ultimate goal and they have enslaved all of humanity, except for My elect who have obeyed My commands and sought My face as their daily bread.  Wanton lusts have choked out the souls of those who follow their master into an eternity of damnation.  Writing on the wall says they must cling to their cobwebs (their traps) and stay hidden for the sceptre of time has ended.

Many are called but few are chosen.  Yes, I will lead you, but you must follow.  When will the end come can only be answered by My Messengers who stand at the ready with trumpets in hand.  The first seal has been broken and the lions will be let out of their cages.  The lion tamers will be brought down.  Those that think they will be protected by their own means will be sadly mistaken. 

The light shines brightest before the dawn.  Just because you can’t see it, does not make it so for another who is positioned closer to the light.  Wonder why the tares are taken first?  They are not.  My little ones are gathered to safety before the tall ones will be cut down.  The tares will be gathered and burned in the fire. 

Your job is to tell those I lead you to, to repent, for the Kingdom is at hand.  Walk the path of righteousness and do not look back at the world, it is passing away.  Keep your eyes focused on the light.  My yoke is easy and my burden is light.  Take every thought captive to the obedience of Yeshua.

Tell Me how you will reach out to those in need when the time comes?  Yes daughter – a glorified body will be given to those who are ready to enter in.  You will then be sent to help gather the harvest and helping the lost, lonely, scared and hurting in the highways and bi-ways.  You will have no fear and take no thought of your own needs for I will provide all.  Yes the season is now.  When will you see there is no more time.  Let’s go, you will have much to do.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  My One and Only Begotten Son who is calling.  Can you hear Him?  Listen and pray.





A New Year and a Time of Testing

My Lord my God, I stand in awesome wonder


As I began to write, I first heard the lyrics of Amazing Grace.  We need the grace of our God to get through the times now and the times to come.

 Words Received January 1, 2017 – 12:40 am

Those that walk in the light, as I Am in the light will never be forsaken.  The Arch of time has come around its last spectre and will stop when I say.  Those that think they have it figured out will all be put to shame.  Walk humbly and listen to My Word given to you for guidance and perseverance.  Talk to the ones who I send you to and worry not who and when that will be. Tell them to repent and seek Me for their wisdom. Wrap up all that is of the world and let’s go on a journey together.

The black sun comes now and will cause decimation upon the earth.  The waters will be broken up and new land will appear.  Take back the words spoken in vain for they cannot save you.  Warn others about what is about to take place.  The rim of the pacific ocean will be alight and the shores will sink and rise.  The spokes of the wheel will take a turn to the left and rise up to meet the sky.  Time to run for the hills for it is time.  Do not worry about when.  


I will give you the joy you seek, for the days are evil.  Remember what I told you about the ones who seek to hide their plans from Me?  They will all be destroyed for their evil works and they will see that I AM.  What did they think was going to happen?  They were tricked by Lucifer, their light bearer.  Every last one will be dealt with for their treachery.  Light the candle for My time has come.  Again, watch and pray to escape the judgement coming upon the inhabitants of the earth.  Even those who took the innocents into an early grave will be faces alight in terror when they see their reward.  Harken to My words daughter, for you will see all I have shown you come to pass very soon.  No time for letting the evil ones pull you into their pit.  Let me worry about their destruction.  I will protect you from the noisome pestilence that comes at midday. What will become of them is only at My hand, though they believe they will be reunited with their light bearer.  Don’t go with the flow but stay in My Holy Presence day and night.  Capture the essence of Me through My Spirit and take no thought how any of this will take place.

Humble yourself daily and count the cost of everything you do.  Things will move at warp speed now as the final plans are set into motion.  Let it be as it will be.  Type up the words I have given you and wait for Me with great expectation.

Your loving Saviour and King,


Words Received January 1, 2017 – 11:00 pm


Wash your hands in my living water and rest from all your strivings.  You wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and wickedness in high places.  Research what I have given you and glean the warnings from within. Talk to them that follow the Truth and urge all to repent, for the time of great testing is here.  Many will fall through their own lusts, so watch what I do now.  Harvest is ripe and must be plucked from the vine, for it will spoil if left too long.  The winepress of My fury will be filled to overflowing. [here I saw a vision of a barber pole which I believe signifies blood].

So many wait for signs as they sit upon their hands.  Topple their candle and wring out the rags of filth.  Test your faith within My Word each day and rest from all you do for My Son comes!  He will not wait for those who look back, as He is the Head – follow Him.  Rent your garments for those lost in sin and pray for My mercy.  The shaking will be great and none will be able to stand.

I love you,

Your Risen King