Let Those Who Love Him Say So

Words Received May 19, 2017

Let those who love Me say so now, for they will not get the chance when the clock strikes midnight.  The door closes to those who have not repented.  Their pride blinds them to the leading of My Holy Spirit.  The tell will be when the days grow longer and the wheat is ready to be harvested.  When will my pride and joy be taken is what you want to know.  I will tell you.  When I tell My Son.  You see, you will not know.  That is why you are to be ready always, waiting to hear the call of your beloved Bridegroom, My only Son in whom I love.

Tomahawks line the walls of the wicked.  They taunt my children day and night and slaughter my animals with malice and avarice.  Taking them to the depths of Sheol will be their reward.  Their arrogant pride has consumed them from the inside out.  Total control is their ultimate goal and they have enslaved all of humanity, except for My elect who have obeyed My commands and sought My face as their daily bread.  Wanton lusts have choked out the souls of those who follow their master into an eternity of damnation.  Writing on the wall says they must cling to their cobwebs (their traps) and stay hidden for the sceptre of time has ended.

Many are called but few are chosen.  Yes, I will lead you, but you must follow.  When will the end come can only be answered by My Messengers who stand at the ready with trumpets in hand.  The first seal has been broken and the lions will be let out of their cages.  The lion tamers will be brought down.  Those that think they will be protected by their own means will be sadly mistaken. 

The light shines brightest before the dawn.  Just because you can’t see it, does not make it so for another who is positioned closer to the light.  Wonder why the tares are taken first?  They are not.  My little ones are gathered to safety before the tall ones will be cut down.  The tares will be gathered and burned in the fire. 

Your job is to tell those I lead you to, to repent, for the Kingdom is at hand.  Walk the path of righteousness and do not look back at the world, it is passing away.  Keep your eyes focused on the light.  My yoke is easy and my burden is light.  Take every thought captive to the obedience of Yeshua.

Tell Me how you will reach out to those in need when the time comes?  Yes daughter – a glorified body will be given to those who are ready to enter in.  You will then be sent to help gather the harvest and helping the lost, lonely, scared and hurting in the highways and bi-ways.  You will have no fear and take no thought of your own needs for I will provide all.  Yes the season is now.  When will you see there is no more time.  Let’s go, you will have much to do.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  My One and Only Begotten Son who is calling.  Can you hear Him?  Listen and pray.





The Church Is Not Ready

I wanted to share some wisdom with those who are in churches that are not preparing you for what is to come with the Tribulation about to begin and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Sadly, it seems as if these are the majority.  If you are in a church that is just going about making plans for what it is going to do with your tithes….. run, fast.  If they are not preparing the people for the hour we are in, run.  If they talk more about tithing and what their plans are, than what Jesus did for us, run.  The time for being lukewarm is over and if you are not ready, the Lord will spit you out of His mouth.  You do not want this to be you.  The churches are asleep and do not see what is going on in front of their eyes in our world.  These pastors and shepherds are blinded by the church “system” and many are lost.  They can’t show you the Way because they do not know Him who is the way.  They are blind.

Matthew 15:14 King James Version (KJV)

14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

It is time to repent, surrender and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  If your church is not teaching this, then run, run to your King.  He is coming!



Jesus Comes in the Way of the Whirlwind

repent be ready

Words Received April 14, 2017

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, and only through His sacrifice may you come before My Glorious Throne in the highest heaven.  You have come on bended knee and this is the way to enter into My presence, through prayer and thanksgiving, giving Glory and honour to My Son Yeshua.  

You say that time is up, yet you do not know the day or hour.  Yes, I AM coming very soon. There are those who claim to know the date, but they will be put to shame.  Let them think they know, for their faith is being tested.  I am not a man that I should lie.  How can they take my glory and try to pin it on a calendar created by man?  I know what the time is and no one else.  Now, wait until I tell you, then go and share what I have given you.  

Tell all to repent, for I come in the way of the whirlwind.  The storms will be intense but I will shelter you.  Gather together in homes and share your expectation, giving thanks for you have been called.  There is no time for self delusion or trying to make your own way. Only listen for My promptings to come to the banquet I have prepared for all My children. Take no thought as to what you will wear, for only My rainment will suffice.

How they will shatter the ceilings when they see I have taken My possession home.  Their mocking will increase as they rage against their One and Only way off the earth.  Those that do no repent will be purged and those that were not ready will hasten to give My words to their tormentors.  

They raise the flag over the place of the sun, worshipping at the alters of the fallen ones. Nimrod will rule over all that have carried out Satan’s deeds.  They wrack their brains for more and more ways of torturing and killing My children.

Those who do not deny Me will be given a new name and a crown of overcoming.  The Queen of Heaven will be cast into a sick bed and all those who worship her will share in her fate.  Oh the wailing that will be heard from one end of the earth to the other when they see the Son of Man coming in His Glory on the clouds of heaven.  Watch them try and hide in their secret little dens and hide their faces from My wrath.  No one told them the truth because their love had grown cold.  Cast off all the works of darkness to enter in My gates, giving no heed to those who can slay the body.  Your soul belongs to Me and I will not let go of those who are mine.  Take away the scales from the eyes of those who seek the truth.

I then continued to pray in the Spirit, not asking anything of the Lord God, just worship and communion with Him.  After a while, I began to see some visions, like I was watching a movie screen.  Here is some of what I saw;

queen of heaven

  • I saw a wall of water coming over New York City and toppling the Statue of Liberty (who I believe represents the Queen of Heaven)
  • I saw streaks of fire (?meteors or asteroids) raining down from the heavens – too many to count
  • I saw missiles being fired from ships off the east coast of North America
  • I saw the White House being hit by some sort of missile or bomb
  • I saw Trump shaking hands with the leader of North Korea (Kim Jung)
  • I saw Trump as a puppet dancing on strings being controlled by Obama
  • I saw a picture of a calendar with the date of April 19 showing and do not know what it relates to
  • I heard “the dead in Christ will be raised first”

Update:  Thank you to Rae for reminding me of what the date of April 19th represents.  It is the first of 13 days of the most celebrated days of the Luciferians from April 19th to May 1st.  April 19th requires a sacrifice by fire to their god – Moloch, Baal, Nimrod, lets just call him by his most known name – Satan

April 19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire, the fire god, Baal, or Moloch/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan-Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding a (Fire sacrifice) with an emphasis on children. This day is one of the most important human sacrifice days of the year to Satanist and others, and as such, has had some very important historic events occur on this day throughout history.

Here is a link to an article on the meaning of these dates:  http://tapnewswire.com/2016/04/be-ye-warned-april-19-may-1/

Rest now daughter, for I come soon.  Make sure you reach out for those I lead you too.

I Love you




For Those With Eyes to See

Words Received on March 11, 2017

Take the time to write the long version of your testimony, it shall go on your blog for those who will be looking for truth.  Many have come to My words to scoff and find fault and error, and they speak against My Holy Spirit.  They will be judged for this.  I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  Time will tell who will repent and who will not by who comes when I call.  I have given them time but they repent not.  Type up all My words I have spoken and I will show you what I want you to write.  Yes, much destruction is coming, you know this and have already written this.  You must continue until I tell you to stop.

Now write of those who mock and scoff My children.  They are like rag dolls without a home who hide their buttons in the cupboards.  Yes, you see, now tell them that those cupboards will be forever locked unless they repent now.  Then let them see all I have shown you.

Note:  As I was writing this, I questioned in my mind what this meant and instantly I understood that ragdolls have buttons for eyes so by locking their eyes away in the cupboards, those who do not see have chosen not to see.  If they wait too long to seek the truth, it will be too late


I will give you visions and you will share them.  For My Son comes at midnight.  Harken unto the words of My prophets and let no one steal your joy in waiting for My return.  I will not hold back the floods coming upon the lands.  Yes the floods will come first and then the fires.  They will burn up all that has not been gathered into my barns.  Like those who take no thought of what they will eat or what they will wear, there are those who think of nothing else.  They are waiting for their master and he is also at the door.  They walk among you undetected, even though they are parading in your faces.  They flaunt their sin like a prize pig at the county fair, daring anyone to see them as they are.  Wicked ones dance with glee at all the destruction planned now.  

Harken to Me now daughter.  You MUST stay very close to Me now.  No more will they say, what is the time, for it will have stopped.  Tom toms digging around in the dirt of souls who have filled their minds with lake fires.  The torries are the ones who keep the keys to all the locked doors of knowledge hidden.  You heard it tonight said, the Scottish Masons have driven all the light away and kept it hidden with their esoteric knowledge and secret sources.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Rite

They whip the ones who do not follow orders and silence those who dissent.  Once you begin, you cannot end.  Take out the limp ones from their holders, for they will now lead the parades.

Scottish Rite Jewellry

Chains have held the wicked for the time they were allotted and now they are free.  This has to happen now for there is no turning back.  They think they are in control but only I AM.  Let them think what they will for they will soon scream for another chance and none will be given.  

Light the way for any who are seeking the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Tell Me now you love Me.  Then I will take you to the end of this world.  The fight against those who destroy the earth, as you have prayed for their destruction.  Come now daughter with Me and never let go of My hand.

Yeshua, your King

The Lion Yahshua

Isaiah 44:18 

18 They have not known nor understood:
for he hath shut their eyes, that they cannot see;
and their hearts, that they cannot understand



Time to Repent

Words Received January 30, 2017


What will they do when they start to see the truth?  Run in circles crying out for My mercy. They wash their robes in the tallow from the pigs and expect Me to cleanse them of their inequities.  They repent not for their atrocities and for that reason, I will send them a strong delusion.

Order out of chaos is their goal and they will condition the minds of all those not sanctified by the Blood of Yeshua.  He waits for My call for Him to go now.  Hold fast to your sanctity and purity and seek not after the treasures of your world.  Why would anyone not want to be with Me in paradise?  Because they cannot take the warnings I have sent, as their minds are dulled by the poisons of life, starting when they wake up until the time they lie down again.  You must stay very close to  me now or you will be swept away into the outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Tormented minds play the games of the masters, until it is time for their lives to be over – never seeing they have lost their way back home.  Wanton lusts choking out their souls, extinguishing  the light inside of them.  Target practice is what they become, searching for ever newer ways to please their flesh.  Why not tell them to repent.  There still may be a few stragglers for you to hold the door for.  

Yes it is time my dear daughter.  This is real and it is happening.  Soon now you will hear the Yasiti Chamolcha trump for your invitation.  I prepared a place for all those following the Lamb.  Yeshua will step through that door you heard of today.

Editor’s Note:  I do not know what Yazidi or Yasiti Chamocha means or how it is spelled but it seems to be speaking of the type of trumpet that will be sounded when Jesus calls for the bride to come.  If you have any knowledge of these words or thoughts, please send me a message.  Also, the door in heaven that the Lord says I heard of today was in this video below.  Very exciting times we live in indeed.

Time to go, repent all and do not hold on to your life nor look back.  The threshold has been crossed and the wicked will win no more.  Go to sleep and dream.  I love you.

Papa Yeshua


A New Year and a Time of Testing

My Lord my God, I stand in awesome wonder


As I began to write, I first heard the lyrics of Amazing Grace.  We need the grace of our God to get through the times now and the times to come.

 Words Received January 1, 2017 – 12:40 am

Those that walk in the light, as I Am in the light will never be forsaken.  The Arch of time has come around its last spectre and will stop when I say.  Those that think they have it figured out will all be put to shame.  Walk humbly and listen to My Word given to you for guidance and perseverance.  Talk to the ones who I send you to and worry not who and when that will be. Tell them to repent and seek Me for their wisdom. Wrap up all that is of the world and let’s go on a journey together.

The black sun comes now and will cause decimation upon the earth.  The waters will be broken up and new land will appear.  Take back the words spoken in vain for they cannot save you.  Warn others about what is about to take place.  The rim of the pacific ocean will be alight and the shores will sink and rise.  The spokes of the wheel will take a turn to the left and rise up to meet the sky.  Time to run for the hills for it is time.  Do not worry about when.  


I will give you the joy you seek, for the days are evil.  Remember what I told you about the ones who seek to hide their plans from Me?  They will all be destroyed for their evil works and they will see that I AM.  What did they think was going to happen?  They were tricked by Lucifer, their light bearer.  Every last one will be dealt with for their treachery.  Light the candle for My time has come.  Again, watch and pray to escape the judgement coming upon the inhabitants of the earth.  Even those who took the innocents into an early grave will be faces alight in terror when they see their reward.  Harken to My words daughter, for you will see all I have shown you come to pass very soon.  No time for letting the evil ones pull you into their pit.  Let me worry about their destruction.  I will protect you from the noisome pestilence that comes at midday. What will become of them is only at My hand, though they believe they will be reunited with their light bearer.  Don’t go with the flow but stay in My Holy Presence day and night.  Capture the essence of Me through My Spirit and take no thought how any of this will take place.

Humble yourself daily and count the cost of everything you do.  Things will move at warp speed now as the final plans are set into motion.  Let it be as it will be.  Type up the words I have given you and wait for Me with great expectation.

Your loving Saviour and King,


Words Received January 1, 2017 – 11:00 pm


Wash your hands in my living water and rest from all your strivings.  You wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and wickedness in high places.  Research what I have given you and glean the warnings from within. Talk to them that follow the Truth and urge all to repent, for the time of great testing is here.  Many will fall through their own lusts, so watch what I do now.  Harvest is ripe and must be plucked from the vine, for it will spoil if left too long.  The winepress of My fury will be filled to overflowing. [here I saw a vision of a barber pole which I believe signifies blood].

So many wait for signs as they sit upon their hands.  Topple their candle and wring out the rags of filth.  Test your faith within My Word each day and rest from all you do for My Son comes!  He will not wait for those who look back, as He is the Head – follow Him.  Rent your garments for those lost in sin and pray for My mercy.  The shaking will be great and none will be able to stand.

I love you,

Your Risen King


Jesus’ Return is Imminent

I recorded these words from the Lord on October 19, 2016:

Sometimes things are not what they seem.  The right way to a man is always wrong in My ways.  Tell of Him who sits on the throne in Heaven, directing the paths of all those who worship Him.  Yeshua is coming soon for His pure and holy bride.  Warn the people, this is imminent.  Do not hesitate but speak now while the sun is still in the sky.  The time is coming when deep darkness will cover the land and deeper darkness in man’s hearts.  There will be nothing good left on this earth when the sheep are gathered into my pens, at the time of the great wave of my wrath upon this wicked generation.  Full of sloth and wretched wanting of their flesh; always pursuing their own ways, never giving of themselves or serving Me, their Creator.  The choice will have been made to their eternal destruction.  Wait until the Restrainer is taken away (the Holy Spirit), as he brings home the harvest.  After this time, when buying and selling will only be done with man’s magic and sorcery.  It is all a lie and deception that I will hand them over to after they have rejected me and my love.  Always present in their hearts is the Sorcerer’s Stone, which has been seeded in the children of disobedience.

Talk to those I send you to now.  No more hesitation.  You will do a new work, one I have equipped you for, and always remember, I AM with you.  Do not fear and do not worry about tomorrow.  Yeshua is awaiting My command and it will come as My Son told you, without delay, when they are eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage.  When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall.  Search your own heart for every motivation, following only those that will lead you to my door. Control your flesh, submit to Me and I will show you the way.  

Tell of the time when lightning will strike a third time at the Vatican, the seat of Satan, when he will be enthroned on the barren alter of hell.  Waste no time in sharing my words, writing for more than just yourself.  Tell as many souls as will listen of My saving grace, as the door is shutting and listen to the words long written down, when my Son comes around.  Deception so large, humanity cannot fathom the depths of it, is coming to America and the world.  Babylon will fall and all will wail in their distress, their nakedness visible for all the world to see.  Lamps snuffed out in mid burn, never to be lit again.  


Mourn Jerusalem as it falls, Mystery Babylon.  The witches and warlocks chant behind closed doors of those highest in power in the land.  How they mock the people in secret and think no one sees them and no one hears them.  Here I heard the word Satyadev, which is actually a name so I wrote it down, not knowing what it means.  I looked it up and the meaning is “Lord of Truth”

The accordion walls will buckle in the earthquake and a third of the city will be destroyed.  Rubble and smoke with wailing of those left behind.  If people will humble themselves, repent and turn from their wicked ways, I will have mercy.  I AM the Lord and I never change.  I await My children now as the time for the marriage supper is here.  Sound the trumpet in Zion, wash your robes and make them white.  Have your wedding clothes on and enter in.  My beloved children, hold your peace, repent and pray to be counted worthy.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah roars in the distance, look for Him in the east.  The dung hill of humanity has reached my nostrils and I will not contend with man any longer.


I then heard some random words which I recorded and will write them here as I heard them. What they mean, I do not know.

Kislev ( I did not realize that Kislev is the name of a Hebrew month and it is December)

17 – In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.”

Two Pillars;  Salt and Light;  Diaspora;  Finished