People Get Ready

Words Received December 22, 2016

What will they do when they realize that they have sold their birthright?  They will wail and call upon My name to deliver them in their time of distress.  The markets will fall and crash with a mighty sound.  Wipe the excess from your lives and soldier on, marching to My ways, by the beat of My drum.  

Total annihilation will be seen from one end to another as far as the eye can see, reaching to the sky.  Why not tell them now? – for they will still follow their own ways, right up to the time destruction comes and sweeps them all away.  Yes, store up provisions for the times of lack upon the land and light the way for others seeking dry land.  Get used to the idea of lack and stop worrying about losing weight!  [sorry, this one was just for me].

Walk the line I have set before you.  Time will slow down now as it has been speeding up to this point.  Lean in and listen to Me now.  They will begin by searching the land for those who will follow orders and bring them in to their home grown army.  Let those who have ears hear what I am saying.  They will seek to hide their plans from all and deceive with promises of power and provision.  They have pre-programmed the people through their Hegelian dialect and altruistic teaching.  Searching the hearts and minds of those who will comply.  So many will be taken over through their minds – Yes a signal will be sent out.  Everything is ready now and the switch will be tripped.  Get your house in order.

Words Received December 23, 2016

They have chosen to divide the land I promised to the descendants of Abraham.  The Holy Mountain will shake with My anger and My wrath will be poured out.  Let those who hear, flee to the mountains for the time of shaking will begin.  Rocks will fall and the lorries will roll to a stop.  No way for the wicked ones to escape.  They have only fooled themselves if they believe no one sees them.  My children who are called by My Name, hear My voice and know the Truth.  They wait in anticipation for My Son who comes for them.  No one will understand the errors that have grieved My countenance for they have been blinded by the flesh and the wanton lusts of their flesh.  So many will not make it to My Kingdom for they have given themselves over to Satan’s lies and crafty carousing.  Do not let the cares of this world turn you away from receiving your inheritance.  Tarry not on the things of this world and scamper up to My face.

No one will believe you when you tell them that I am coming.  They say they do, but inwardly they can only focus on themselves.  The souls imprisoned  through the waves of energy, pouring from the magic and sorcery of vain men.  Keep them from connecting to My Spirit for their tines are dull and the signal is covered in dust.  My time to come is here and there will be no more delay.  Do not worry about tomorrow, for it may not come.  Only repent, for this will keep you humble and ready for My imminent return.  Pray for those you love to turn and seek Me now.  Go now, get them and give love to all.  Seek Me.

Papa Yeshua