Destruction for America

Released October 19, 2017

This is a post that was written over 10 months ago but I was not released to post it and for that I was glad because it talks of destruction and horrific things.  I believe the time is upon us now so I have prayed about this and the Lord has given me more which I will add at the end.  May God be with us all.

I have been posting in order, the words I received from the Father and it is absolutely incredible that they are relating to events that are being revealed in our world.  The other day I posted about secret societies  and rituals involving children as the #Pizzagate revelation was happening but the words were given about 6 weeks previous to all this coming out in the news.  God has given me encouragement for my walk but also much warning to anyone who will listen.  I can’t worry about who will read these words because I believe the Lord will lead whoever needs to hear them.  Here I am going to write of specific mentions of America and what is coming as a compilation thus far.  God is speaking to all the people of the world but I felt like today He wanted me to post specifically about America.  I would rather tell everyone that Jesus loves them and everything is going to be okay, but it is not.  Bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes and if you are not born again and hidden in Christ, then it is going to be a very dangerous time.  Obviously you do not have to believe me, but I would urgently encourage you too seek Jesus while you still have breath.  If you see some of these events coming to pass, then please, get on your knees, repent, ask God to forgive you in Jesus name and ask Him to guide you from then on out.  Believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and you will be saved. The following words were give on different days in October and November (2016) but I am putting them together as one. Time is short.

God Speaks of Destruction for America

Tornado alley will be torn up by their weather machines, as will many other areas in the north.  It is my judgement upon the inhabitants of the earth.  Watch and pray and I will deliver you.  The hand of the oppressor is lifted against you once the quakes hit the middle of that country that is run by devils

Total destruction is coming to America.  Her false prophets will be silenced in their pulpits and all the sages will be cut off.

The cataclysm is brought by the people for the people and Obama will stay on his throne until the desolation is complete.  Magicians and sorcerers have confided and cajoled all who can decide on the fate of that nation and demons and satyrs will dance on the land of the once free.  Tell all who will listen of this coming destruction and urge them to repent. Glory is mine says the Lord. and I will share it with no other.  The timekeeper will freeze the hands of time until the mystery of inequity is revealed.  The false prophet has seen to it (the Pope of Rome), that as many as worship the beast will be sidled by the wayside in their pride.

The power structures are clamoring to release their final plans into motion with much planned destruction.  Yes they will use their Russian counterpart to blame on for the fire and smoke that comes out of the sea.  Kislev 17 will be a day to be remembered with the water as high as the walls of Jerusalem as Jonathan has uttered.  Water will cover all the lanes of the city by the sea.  That great city will be no more.


Three Days of Darkness

Watch for the sign of Jonah who was hidden for 3 days.  As it will be for those dwelling on the earth who will see darkness on the land but will remain hidden in Me.  Three days in the belly, though it will seem bad, I will be there along with you and you will emerge into my glorious light.  The power grid will be attacked from within and be blamed without.  The enemies are within the gate and all are vulnerable to this sneak attack.  Yes New York will be hit in the middle of the night.  The world wide web will be shut down as they will not allow the world to communicate help to each other.  Store provisions for this time which will occur when Saturn turns the corner into the elliptical orbit of the number nine system.  Grip your chairs and hang on tight, not letting go of My hand.  ** Here I heard the word Saturday, so this  could be when these events happen.  What Saturday is not known. Here I think I questioned that I was hearing from God as He then said Do not doubt My words, but rather trust in Me.  It will happen and there will be no new real president as you have guessed**.  They seek to hide their real plans until the time they will enter into their arks but yes, I will destroy them where they stand.  The rocks designed to keep danger out will only serve to keep the real danger in.

Donald Trump will win but will not be allowed to remain to rule that nation for My judgement comes.  I say to all who are blinded by this farce of fairness, that I have allowed the man of sin to remain to bring about the judgement upon America.  The people are in a deep sleep but will be jolted awake.  The riots will begin by the 12th when the doors open for chaos to remain.

The nightmare has only begun for America and the world.  The dominoes will begin to fall when I lift My hand from this land.  What a time they will have trying to to decipher all the traps set for them, to dart around all of the snares ready to be tripped.  Satan is laughing at his handiwork, as the whole world lies in his hands.  The Antichrist is straightening his tie, waiting backstage to make his grand entrance.  It is Obama, the man of peace.  Most have fallen for his ways, but My children, the ones who hear My voice, have not.

Mushroom clouds will be seen on many shorelines in America once Israel has been attacked, there is no turning back.  Their war machines are all in place, all over the earth, while people slept, they were shipped on every continent.  Many were brought in by the shores of Florida when the population was told to scatter from the storms.  If you could only see the traps they have been set for you.  They will come for your weapons as only they will be allowed to have them.  Open up your hearts to hear this truth now now or you will wail later.  They have their camps set up for all those who do not follow the plan and give consent for their total takeover.  They will come for the children as families will be separated.

Obama will strike a powerful blow against his people by mid December.  As the snow flies, the missiles will also rain down.  So many will be killed and families will be marched off to their homes away from home.  Hilary is charged to head up this operation by her masters.  No, Donald Trump will not rule the land for chaos will ensue before any changing of the guard takes place.  The people will mourn when they see they have been fooled again by the wicked ones who seek their destruction.  So much will happen in those 7 years that many new believers will sprout up around the earth.  Tell as many as you can to seek Me now as you do not know what tomorrow brings and nobody is promised another day.  Set yourselves apart from the masses and keep your garments clean.

Words Received October 19, 2017

I prayed and asked the Lord if I should post these words and if there was anything else He wanted to speak through the Holy Spirit at this time and this is what was given to me in my spirit.

Write of those who will take My children out of their homes in the middle of the night to the planned horror camps.  They have numbed the minds of the people through their endless witchcraft and manifest poisons.  They drip from the sky and cover the minds of all those not sanctified by My grace.  Yes post what I have given you and tell them Trump is a president in name only – he is going to lead that country into a pit from which there there is no escape.  His masters tell him what to say and when to say it.  He is the puppet king who is only a seat warmer for the true power, who is the Pope.  Let not your hearts be troubled for I will shelter you from this storm and hide you in My secret place.  How many will fall will be determined when the smoke clears, but by then you will be gone from this earth and in My Holy presence.  Yes, write now, for the time has come.  Get into the ark of My salvation children, for the tidal wave of destruction comes.  Satyadev has spoken.  (this is a name that means Lord of Truth as I have written previously).  Come My children to the place I have prepared for you.




Time to Rise Up

Words Received October 16, 2017

Yes, I will tell you that it is time to rise up and go to those I will lead you to.  For I now come and will have you fulfil the destiny I have created for you.  Do not let your fears keep you from fulfilling My plan for your life.  For when they say “peace and safety”, then sudden destruction will come.  There are many who have turned away from waiting for My Son because of false words and false dates.  For I have said that the wisdom of man is folly.  Your ways are not My ways, your thoughts are not My thoughts. Those that have made themselves ready through faith alone in My Son, who has fulfilled all of My commands.  You can do nothing on your own, in your own strength.  When you love Me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength, then I will carry you to where I have planned.  Eye has not seen nor ear heard all that is in store for those that love Me. Yes My words are to you and for you to share with others.  I will place you in My service as you have prayed.  Do not doubt and do not fear. 

There are those who will do everything in the power given to them by Satan, to drag you away from your destiny.  I will not let you go daughter.  Come to Me all who are weary and I will give you rest.  Time to go My precious ones.  Dust off the filth of your world and follow Me to paradise.  There will be times of great trouble on the horizon for those who did not seek Me, who will be left to fight for their lives and souls.  Great tribulation as has not been seen from the beginning until now.  So many have fallen for the lies of the evil one and will do his bidding.  He leads them through their own pride which has been honed in those who worship themselves.  

Tell them that the number nine system is here and will be seen by all who dwell upon the earth and many are already looking at the heavens with fear and trepidation.  When the technology of the fallen finally fails, the eyes of the people will bulge out in awe and fear at those things coming upon the earth.  Now they will see the sun as it really is. They have kept many things hidden but I will reveal all.  These ones will not be able to repent for they have followed their master to their own destinies of eternal torment. (the fallen and those doing their bidding)

Tell them I will not delay judgement any longer, for the bell tolls and the righteous will stand up to take their places.  While the others will turn away their hardened hearts as they run and try to hide themselves from My wrath.  NO MORE DELAY.  I COME

Be ready My precious lambs and cry out for the lost.  You will be changed in a twinkling of an eye at the last trump.  My watchers are ready and will assist you in your journey.  

Come to Me!

Your loving Father, Saviour and King, Yahushua

King of Kings

Abide In Me

Words received September 24, 2017

When the temple is desecrated, My Spirit cannot abide there.  Time is at a crossroads now and the wicked are unable to turn back.  The line has been drawn and the waring spirits have been stirred up for battle.  They come prepared and the destruction will not be stopped.  I will allow all that has been called, but it will come to an end when I, The Eternal Creator wills it to be so.

They will come from the North and march upon the soil of Babylon.  Only they are being led by My Hand and not their own.  When they get to the crossroad of time, the bell will toll and the alarm will sound, then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven.  All will be aghast at the collision in the heavens and hearts will fail from fear at all the things coming upon the earth.  {Here I had a vision of that Gotthard Tunnel clock} Gotthard Clock

Wipe away the tears of those calling upon My Holy Name and lead them to safety, led by My Holy Messengers.  The door in heaven shall be opened and the stairway will be made manifest.  Those that see and hear with My Spirit will come up hither.  Great joy will be mixed amongst great sorrow with those that were not ready; left behind to endure great tribulation.  The evil one will soon make his move.  Yes it will be Obama, the son of perdition.  His yolk will be heavy and burdensome on the people, though it will first be disguised as light.  How he has deceived the people.  Your country (Canada) has welcomed him with open arms and will share in all the plagues coming upon the earth.

Hide away a little longer, until the great shadow passes over the land.  Do not let any cares of this world take you away from the task at hand.  There are those who will say, ‘where is the promise of his coming’ but will be cut off mid sentence.  Do not let them deter you.  I will keep you and not forsake you.  I love you.  Keep your eyes focused on Me at all times and I will lead you home.  Time is at hand for the end of all things.  It is finished as I have spoken – Satyadev (Lord of Truth)

Always remember, you are coming home and will see all that is in store.  Lets roll 🙂


Sound the Shofar

September 19, 2017

Here we are at the brink of time no more.  Those that have sanctified themselves through My Blood will be called at the Last Trump.  The time is upon you now as the veil will be torn by those who have broken all the commandments of My Father.  So much destruction comes upon the inhabitants of the earth that if time was not shortened, none would be left alive.  Now is the time to worship and call upon My Holy Name.

3-2-1 blast off (Jesus smiles)

I will take My bride to the place I have prepared for her and we will sup together.  

Tell them I Am coming for those who have given Me their hearts and laid down their lives for Me.  Died to their flesh and desires.  So many will not be ready and will go through the time of testing.

Hu Yavo


Yeshua Shofar

My Testimony

testimony pic

And you shall overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony

I begin this testimony by saying that my new life began with God forgiving me because Jesus shed His blood for me and only through the shedding of His blood could my sins be forgiven.  I have been changed, renewed and revived because I repented.  Jesus saved me from myself…..many times.

It has taken me a long time to get to writing my testimony, which I thought might be my procrastination taking over again but it is much more than that.  It has taken me this long to realize that my testimony is not about me at all, it’s about Him…..Jesus…. everything is about Him.  My testimony is basically my surrender, the white flag if you will.  I cannot do this life on my own, I never could, though that didn’t stop me from trying.  Trying to succeed in this world, which I failed, trying to control the world around me…..another horrible failure.  None of us have control over what happens to us in this world, really, and the sooner I learned that, the more peace I felt.  We need to surrender our lives to Jesus and admit we can never make it on our own.  This is what the dying to self really means.  It is dying to your flesh, which controls you.  We spend our whole lives trying to please our flesh, giving in to it’s appetites of every kind of addiction, which leads to sickness and death.  Jesus came to give us life and life more abundant than anything we could ever attain for ourselves.  And the best part is that the life that is more abundant is the one we have once we leave this flesh suit behind.

This world is not my home, that I know more clearly than anything I have ever known.  This is the reason why I have never felt at home in my own skin.  I only understood it as feeling self-conscious and insecure from as long as I can remember.  I never felt like I fit in anywhere, though I have to say I really did not want to.  I felt different from everybody, though you would never know it because I was a good actor, especially as I got older.  As a child I was very shy.  The only time I overcame my feeling of being shy and self-conscious was when I was around someone who was more introverted and shy than I was.  This seemed to help me as I would try to make the other person feel at ease.  This feeling never left me throughout my whole life but I learned how to hide it and as I got into teens and early adulthood, it got covered over with doing what everyone else was doing, partying, that was all life was about.  I can’t tell you how many times I was dying inside but nobody knew it.  I think a lot of people are like this but we all walk around pretending we are happy.  There was always that feeling of being on the outside of life and looking in, especially as I got a bit older.  I remember one time in my late twenties when it really hit me that I felt this way.  I was in the break room at work in the ICU with a bunch of nurses and listening in to all the topics of conversations of weddings, families, children, vacations and all normal life stuff.  I did not have that and somehow knew I never would and it was a very sad feeling.  I think I felt like I didn’t deserve it at the same time as wanting it and not wanting it.  It is very hard to explain but I never felt at peace or settled in my life.  I was not happy and went out trying to pretend that I was with constant spending partying and feeding my flesh, which included feeding it with junk food and sugar, which only made me fat, sick and more depressed.  This is not my testimony of talking about all the crap I got involved in and how I am not anymore, though there is that; it is about a peace in my heart that I didn’t even know was possible.  The thing is, I never did get that successful life and things did not get easier for me after I found the truth in Jesus and was born again but I have peace in my spirit, which is just amazing after a lifetime of anxiety, self-consciousness and fear.  As I was writing one night recently after praying, I heard the Spirit say to me that God never gave me the desires of my heart because if He had of, they would have been my focus and they would have kept me bound to this world.  I never would have sought the truth of this world; the way, the truth and the life, who is our Saviour. Only after I surrendered to Jesus, did he begin to show me the truth about the world we live in. You don’t want to seek out the truth of who is really running this world without Jesus in your corner, it’s too much to take and you will never truly understand without His Holy Spirit showing you.  Trust me, I also did this.

I was always a seeker, that is how I saw myself. Yes I went to church for a while as a kid as a lot of children do, forced by their parents who are trying to give them a foundation of faith, even if the parents did not go.  That was my case as my mum was a non-practising Catholic and my dad was raised about the same as I was as a churchgoer to the United Church in his younger days.  I think I must have asked Jesus into my heart at a young age, even though I don’t remember this because I always knew Jesus was who He said He was, even when I went completely off the rails into debauchery.  Of course knowing who Jesus is and knowing Him are two completely different things. The Lord said to me in my writing; “I gave you wisdom in your early years.  And even though I let you wander off the path for many years, I did not let you go.  If you had not called out to me in anger, sadness, fear and frustration when you did, your life would have taken a very different course.”

Oh I had wandered off the path all right, I was a “seeker” and was “spiritual”.  I had moved back to live in my parents apartment in my late twenties and even though I made decent money, I never had any.  I was always spending on things for myself to make myself feel better, then going out drinking and trying to meet men, which I did, but they were always the wrong ones, drug addicts and alcoholics were my speciality.  During this time I ended up getting very depressed and took about 3 months off work.  I got into everything “new age” which I thought was the answer, after all Christianity seemed to be for simple people.  Even though I believed in God, I thought Christians were incredibly deceived because all I saw were these horrible evangelists on tv that were raping people for their money and were all just bad actors.  I could see through them and couldn’t understand how everybody else couldn’t.  So, being so intelligent, I wanted to seek divine wisdom on my own and also had the help of a work mate who was a Reiki master who also dabbled in every tool of the occult, which I also adopted in my search for truth.  I went to psychics, did the Reiki, used crystals, tarot cards, horoscopes, numerology, runes, spirit guides, meditation and read every book on high strangeness I could find.  Well I found out quickly enough that if you play with the dark side you are going to get burned. Of course I didn’t know it was the dark side and thought it spiritual.  My brother, who I didn’t even realize had recently found Jesus, told me to get away from all that trash.  I even got myself an Ouiji board, which was the worst of the lot.  I would use it by myself as I was home with depression, while drinking.  One night, I put on some nice “spiritual” music, had candles and incense going and sat down and let the board speak to me.  All of a sudden my CD player on it’s own, completely changed the CD to Tragically Hip – Little Bones and the board spelled out “that is better”.  Yes, that freaked me out but it didn’t stop me.  I continued on and not long after this night, I had some spirit speaking to me and telling me how he died, told me his name, where he lived, how he died (suicide) and then came the question to me that made my blood run cold.  The board spelled out a question for me……..”will you kill someone for me”.  I got so scared that I took that board then and there, snapped it in half and brought it down to the trash. I had opened doors to the demonic realm by doing this and even though I stopped, those doors were open and they are the ones that only Jesus can shut.  I began to get attacked at night by incubus spirits, usually 2 or 3 of them that would hold me down.  You are paralyzed but you know exactly what is going on.  I won’t go too much into detail here but you can look these up on the internet, I know because I did.  I realized I was not the only one being attacked by these demons at night.  Around this time I had begun chatting to a fellow who lived in New Zealand as I was home and bored and had just bought a computer.  It was my only social life at the time.  Les was a good Christian and he began to tell me about Jesus and for the first time, I began to hear and it sounded very good to me.  I told Les about the demon attacks and he told me to use the name of Jesus and they would leave me alone.  So, the next time it happened, I think it was the same night, I was once again held down and touched by these horrible creatures, which is the worst thing you can possibly feel and it is very hard to explain what it feels like.  Anyway, in the midst of this attack I tried to say Jesus and it took a long time for me to be able to get it out of my mouth, like I was trying to speak with a mouth full of marbles.  I was finally able to say His name and guess what they did?  They laughed at me.  Then they continued to torment me.  That was a real spiritual eye opener for me.  They knew that I did not know Jesus at all and they seemed to have a legal right to be there, which of course they did.  I also realized that this had been happening to me since I was a very young child, but I had forgotten until this time.  I remembered being very young (around 5 to 7 years old) and I told my dad that I had nightmares of the “tickle man” because it was the only way I knew how to describe it.  Think of worms climbing up your spine and this gives you an idea of what it feels like.

So, my story continues on here to say that I developed a great friendship, then romance with Les and we made the plans for me to go visit him in New Zealand for an extended time of 6 months.  Everything fell into place really easily with finances and visas etc. so I now understand that God had his hand in this adventure.  I will have to give the shorter version here as I don’t want this testimony of myself to be too long.  This was the best time of my life and I experienced some real joy for the first time, loving everything about New Zealand and the people I met there.  Les proposed to me on my visit and after saying yes!, I went back home to leave my old job and life behind, moving to New Zealand permanently, or so I thought.  I enjoyed my life and went to church with Les, prayed the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus into my heart.  I think this is it for a lot of people who sit in the pews, that don’t realize that this is just the beginning of your walk with God.  I changed for a time and really I could be whoever I wanted to be, even shortening my name to Jan from Janice.  Me and Les were two very different people with me being a realist and him being a romantic.  The reality was we were too different and even though each of us tried to be more like we thought we should be for the other person, in the end you have to be true to yourself.  It seems I wasn’t born again but really didn’t understand what this meant anyway.  When our relationship was looking like it was not going to make it into a marriage, I began to act out with my usual way of coping by drinking and partying and pretending everything was fine and I was happy.  I was not. The depression began to creep back in and I finally had to face my reality, saying to Les, “I guess I should go home eh?”  He said yes and I made plans to go home and back to my old life……..literally.

I couldn’t escape who I was and again felt like a massive failure so once again went back to old habits and ways of coping, leaving Jesus behind in New Zealand.  I struggled as I started over and boy was it a struggle.  It seemed like everyone else was happy with husbands, kids, homes, vacations and the like, but I was on the outside looking in once again and drinking to make myself happy.  There were two horrible tragedies that also sandwiched my time in New Zealand that needs to be said here.  As I was packing to move to New Zealand, my mother called me into the living room to see something on the tv.  There was mugshot of a “Hamilton prostitute” on the screen, reporting that she had been murdered.  My mom said “isn’t that your friend Maggie?”  I sickly said “yes it is mum”   She was my old school chum and best friend in high school who had gotten into drugs to the point that she had needed to prostitute in order to keep her habit going.  It was the worst possible scenario to what could have happened to any one of us.  She was beaten to death with a pool cue, cut up into pieces and put out with the trash. Horrifying. There was a book written about her murder called “Vanished” by Jon Wells and I will have to leave that there as it is too much to try and write here.

When I came back to Canada to live, I hung around my other best friend from school, Marnie, who was going through some difficult times of her own.  We were there for each other at a rough time in both our lives, with me trying to get my life going again and Marnie starting over after getting a divorce and losing her home.  Marnie committed suicide about 6 months after I came back from New Zealand. Again, horrifying, tragic and incredibly sad.  It was inevitable that the my depression came back again.

It was all too much to deal with but I just kept going, because what else can you do?  I could see the darkness when others around me could not.  I truly believe that for those that have been down in the gutter and live in darkness are the ones that end up seeking the true light.  It’s like Satan always overplays his hand, at least he did with me.  What was meant to destroy me was what sent me running into the arms of Jesus.  During this dark period of my life I could not get a break and many horrible things happened.  I felt defeated and hopeless and angry and frustrated and cried out to God in defeat one night asking God to either “help me and show me He is real……or kill me” and I meant it.  I think I had written about 3 suicide notes during this time but don’t think I could have ever carried out a plan.  You see I knew there was something better for me and I had found it for a short time and wanted to again.  Well this is where the miraculous transformation began because Jesus did help me.  I felt very peaceful after this night and began to walk towards the light.  My depression and anger left immediately and I also realized that after about a week I had not had a drink of wine when I saw the bottle still in the fridge.  I thought I would have a glass but could not drink it, couldn’t choke it down and I was drinking pretty steadily before this.  I joined the local Baptist church and did all the church things associated with that like choir, courses, plays and lifegroups etc. It was a decent time in my life but I still didn’t get that relationship with Jesus that I craved.  I knew it was possible but I can tell you right now that the church cannot help you in that regard.  I remember sitting at some luncheon after a choir “performance” amongst at least 100 other women and I felt completely alone and again I did not fit in.  I asked to sit a a table and not one person talked to me, knew me or seemed to want to know me. It felt like high school all over again and I could feel that this was a clique that I was not going to be accepted into, nor did I want to.  I was still a “seeker” but this time I was seeking God alone. This was 7 years ago and through this time I have grown in my faith and understanding of who God is, He is our Father!  Although the church is a good place to start to begin to learn, it cannot sustain you and it is a religious system for the most part.  Jesus came to have a relationship with us, not to create a religion.  Do you know that there are over 40,000 different Christian organizations and denominations? They no longer teach people about sin and the need for repentance, which is the absolute key to all this!  We cannot reach heaven, back to our Father, without repenting and asking for our sins to be covered by the sacrifice of Jesus’ life, who was pre-ordained to die for us, shedding his blood onto the mercy seat. Most churches are seeker-friendly and place the seeker at the centre, rather than Jesus, who seems to be an accessory to their lives. They make people feel comfortable and supported and part of the community in exchange for their donations or “tithes” which keep the church system going and pay the bills.  I am sorry if I sound bitter here, I am not but this is my testimony of Jesus and the church system has failed Him.  They are not bad but I truly feel they do not show people how to reach the Kingdom of God.  They want people to come to their church but are not leading them to true saving grace found only in Jesus.  I have tried to go to many different churches and denominations from Baptist to Pentecostal to Gospel, to Messianic (Hebrew Roots). But the more I grew in the knowledge of God, the farther I grew away from the church.  I know none are perfect and I have finally found one I can now feel is really preparing the people for the times we are living in, the end times and the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is very rare.

The other major step in my new life as a born again believer in Jesus was when I received the Holy Spirit.  Nobody taught about how to receive this because again, the churches do not preach this and it is so important.  I got all my knowledge online through videos and learning from Torben from The Last Reformation movie and teachings.

I personally thought I had repented from all my sin but I had a major breakthrough after watching a Win Worley video who is an old time preacher who has since passed away. He had a deliverance ministry and led people through repentance and the casting out of demons.  As I was praying along with him, I all of a sudden started speaking another language.  I did not try to do this and it was just amazing because I could feel the emotion of what I was saying in this other language.  Now when I pray, I can pray in the Spirit directly to God who knows our hearts, because sometimes we either don’t know what to pray for or don’t have the words.  It is your own special language to the Father. This is all real, God is real, Jesus is real and lives and the Holy Spirit is real.


My whole life, where I didn’t fit in, and all my struggles and striving to survive have led me to such a quality of belief now that is beyond amazing.  I cling to Jesus, He knows what we are dealing with and this is why He is so merciful!  He loves us!.  He has walked in our steps and more and has suffered all this world could ever throw at you.  The fact that I am still alive and He feeds me daily shows He loves me.  I am still learning and now I know I do fit in, I am part of God’s family!  Our souls are forged through suffering and I would never have learned about God or ever sought after Him if I had been given all those things that I saw that everyone else had that I did not – that “normal life”.  I was kept, not rejected.  If I had of succeeded according to this world, I would have been lost eternally, I know that.  And the Lord God said no, I am going to keep you, and those He keeps – He separates  from this world.  It was never me, it was always Jesus.  He sets us apart from this world and the words set-apart literally means holy.  This is why I never fit it and why I didn’t want to.  All my mistakes have been used for my benefit because they have become my testimony.  Jesus was there the entire time, even when I ignored Him.  He is there for you too, waiting.  He is a gentleman and will not force His way in. He knocks and you open the door.  Cry out to Him in humility and repentance , He loves you and wants to fellowship with you.  This world as it is now is passing away, not generations away – this generation shall not pass before all that has been prophesied will take place.

I had to be exposed to all the darkness of this world, things of the flesh, or I would not have let them go.  I surrendered my life finally.  He kept me, He grew me and I was not lost.

Thank you Jesus, I love you.






This Is It

Words Released August 20, 2017

Time is heating up, the earth is heating up as the day draws near for My glorious appearing.  The light that you see is a balance of the technology of the fallen and man’s magic tricks.  It is all in place to hide, confuse and cover the eyes of all who look towards the heavens.  The planets you see are the ones who did not keep their first estate and now wander on their own timetables.  Yes they convey their plans to wicked men who help them in their schemes from hell.  They will not only not relent but will ramp up their plans now as they know Yeshua comes for His Bride.  I will show you when it is time and you will be where you are supposed to be.  The beams of light will be sent down to fool those who did not seek My face and followed after their own ideas, to their ultimate detriment.  For they want to believe a lie and I will hand them over to the destroyer who comes in all lying signs and wonders.  The net is closing in on all those who did not repent, whose hearts and minds have been turned aside by the father of lies.  There is no time to waste now as the door will be closing.

You must be ready at all times.  You will hear the tamaiti calling you to the mystery school in the mountains of light.  Set behind the ley lines of the Tropic of Cancer.  Be ready my daughter and lean not on your own understanding or the wisdom of men.  So many have fallen for the lies set up to ensnare my children.  Now working on the side of the pied piper of hell.  Rivers of living water will flow in and around you as you pass through the pools of Siloam.  The angels will guide you to places as they open up the gates that only My called may enter through.  The time is now.  Have faith and come to Me daily, asking what you desire in the name of My precious Son, My Anointed One.  Back up the time to when you sought Me first and I will meet you there.  The lamps will guide your steps.  Come My children, for I call.  Soon you will hear My call at midnight.

This is it


Now is the time to come into My presence daily.  There is not much of your time left for anything that is not done for My Kingdom, which is now inside of you.  Tell the tale of the ones who wring out the madness that fills all of the inglorius bastards.  Here I had to stop and pray that I was hearing from God and I received an emphatic yes.  They have toppled all of the candles from the ancient sanctuaries.  They now wait upon Lucifer to step into the host prepared for him and he will walk through that door opened by the machinations of hell.  So many will fall in their sin daughter.  Too many to count. 

Here I had a very clear vision of Jesus weeping and felt the emotions.  As you can tell by these writings, this is very intense and hard to understand.  You must have the Holy Spirit to show you the truth, which I why I tell you to pray.  Many of these prophecies are hidden and are only uncovered to those who seek to do so.  These are not just a quick scroll on Facebook.  I know I have been guilty of that myself – reading words of others and scrolling though too fast just to get the gist of it. Really meditate on what this means.  I have a friend and sister in Christ that I read all of these prophecies to and she is able to glean so much revelation as to what God is saying.  It just amazes me every time to think that the Creator of the Universe is speaking to me.  Well He is speaking to many others now and the messages are all saying the same things.  I have felt bad when I realized I was waiting for all this to begin because there is so much destruction coming BUT it also means that my Saviour is coming!  This is real and it is happening and I await His coming every day.

Jesus weeps


When will they come to the realization that I only speak to those who come and spend time with Me.  I am not a magic genie, though many have treated Me this way.  I AM always waiting for My children to come to Me with their every need and I will meet them in the stillness of My presence.  I want all to seek My face now throughout the day, every day, not when it is convenient.  If you cannot hear My voice now, you will not make it through the time of testing about to come over the whole earth.  Let those who love Me say so, for I call you to repentance now.  Do not let fear or pride stop you from claiming your inheritance.  Yes the Tree of Life awaits all who have made themselves ready.  So many are confused as to what to believe and who to follow, but I say follow Me!  Do not listen to the foolishness of men.  Even the most learned from among them are sad saplings, easily blown about and bent over and broken at the first sign of a mighty wind.  They cannot help you, only I AM worthy to lead My little lambs home.  Many will fall in this time and will go through the refiner’s fire. Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, who took your punishment upon Himself as only My Chosen One could.  How many times have you fallen, yet He picks you up and places you on solid ground again. 

The earth will shake and mountains will crumble into the sea.  Sometimes you have to wait on Me before you walk out your door.  Seek Me first now or you will fall into the traps set for you.  The bombs will fall from the sky and the seas will roar.  Distress upon the nations, so many in peril.  Wash away your cares by focusing on My Name and let Me carry your burdens for you.  Only those who have made themselves ready may enter My wedding feast.  I have prepared it all for you to step into, even your wedding garment is provided.  You can do nothing to earn your invitation.  All you must do is open it and open your heart.   Be willing to lay down your life as I have laid down My own. 

The trenches have been dug and the war machines are lined up and ready for battle.  The war will be quick and painful, like ripping off a bandaid.  It all must come to pass.  Your leaders have betrayed you, selling their own souls for the price of admission into the realm of power.  Who do you think is more deceived?  Writers have long written down the plans of the wicked and they no longer try to hide their secrets.  The prisoners are beaten down into submission by their toxic brew and manifested poisons.

Do not worry about any of it.  I sit back and laugh at the foolishness of men.  They have come full circle and I will pull the plug.  Agenda 21 is their goal but their dreams will be cut short.

The Wedding Supper of the Lamb


Take the time now to go to those who are in need of a listening ear, for so many are going to be searching for truth as your world crumbles.  Time is up and all those unrepentant hearts will be killed.  Judgement is upon the land and the whirlwind comes with a mighty rushing wind.  The chimes will sound as My fury is unleashed upon this wicked generation.  I have called upon many to warn and sound the alarm, yet precious few have inclined their ears.  Let those who have wisdom hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  Your pastors and shepherds have led My flocks astray and they will be first to be judged.  Yes they have been found wanting as they have taken the children’s bread and fed it to the dogs.  They do not know the way to enter in, yet they lie and say they do. All the while, holding open the door for the demons to enter into their congregations.  They relish the thought that they have elevated themselves and their church buildings, building their kingdoms of gold.  It will all burn.

This is it


The Seven Churches.jpg



Tailgate Times Ahead – But God Is With Us

Encouragement for those waiting on the King and warning to those who are not

Words Released August 18, 2017

When they try to get in the ark it will be too late.  The ones pounding on the door only to save their own lives will be left outside.  They come to Me, the Great I AM with petitions for themselves, to bless them when they have not come to even know Me.  This was taught to them by Lucifer’s servants who serve in the pulpits of power.  They will wail when they see their reward, how they were tricked.  Wipe away the tears from the eyes of the repentant ones who come with sincere hearts and tell them I love them with an everlasting love.  

Tailgate times are ahead, bumper to bumper as people try to escape the destruction in the cities.  When the time comes for My appearing, many will have fallen by the sword, pestilence and famine that will wreak havoc throughout every city.  I will set up pockets of sanctuary for those following My lead and will guide them to safety.  Stay hidden in Me always and do not venture out on your own.  Yes, I will empower you with a bold fire and send you to the highways and bi-ways.  Roller rink around those who have no faith and will not listen – (yes the person of peace).  Tell them who you serve and the way to My door.  The signposts are all set up now and you will  need them for way-finding. Run to the finish line, not walk or crawl, or worse yet not enter it.  There are many who will say to Me in that day, Lord, I followed you my whole life, but they were tricked by the crafty lies of the evil one.  He led them around with hooks in their jaws as they sought after their own entertainment and amusements.  I will say – I never knew you.  Water the seeds planted in good ground and make disciples of mine.  No one has ever told them the truth so they could not have followed Me.

Freeway Plane Crash

Actual picture of traffic heading in to view the solar eclipse.  There is something very odd about all of this.  They seem to be herding people into certain cities.


Take the time to worship daily now.  Your world grows darker as the door of time comes to a close.  Soon you will see what kings and prophets have longed to see. Write of those who will call out to Me as they reach up to save their own lives.  They had waited too long and did not repent.  This is why I told you to tell all those I put on your heart.  Do not worry, I will send you and you will see My Glory.  For I come for all those who have searched their hearts and sought their Creator with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.

The curtain will be parted as the veil is lifted from the eyes of those who were blinded by their own pride.  Ever searching for ways to please the master they served.  Each one sought out their own glory and not mine.  Winded ways were reached by sails of sorrow and plateaus were crossed by the ship of fools.

Keep your eyes focused on Me and get equipped for the battle ahead.  I will fight for you but you must remain in Me.  Wash away all negative thoughts and wear the armour I have provided and sharpen your sword daily.  When the time comes to take you home, the rest of the wicked will not be found.  When my precious redeemed have left, the wicked will be pleased but will soon see their just rewards for following after the beast. 

Walk in My love and I will fill you to overflowing.  Worship at My alter daily and you will hear My trumpet sound.  I am just as excited  to come for My bride as you are to see your Bridegroom.  The wedding preparations are made and the Father will give His command. Come to Me now and work while it is still daylight.

Your soon returning King and Saviour



He Will Slay with the Brightness of His Coming

Warrior King

Released August 17, 2017

These are words received in the last two months but I was unable to release them until now.  Pray about what you read here as some things are hard to accept and understand.

When it is time to go, I will tell you.  The time is coming, says the Lord God, when all will fall upon their knees in terror when they see the things coming upon this earth.  They must repent then, though many will be taken in their sin, for they receive not the love of the truth.  Time is coming soon when every eye will see Me and many will mourn when they look upon the One who they pierced.

His eyes will be flames of fire and will pierce through every soul on that great and dreadful day.  All those who did not repent will have time no more.  Why will they not repent?  Because Satan has them bound through the original sin of pride.  Lucifer, My fallen cherub who could have been in My presence forever, became filled up to overflowing with his own desire for worship and could no longer stay in the home I created for him.  His home is now roaming the earth for his prey; unwitting humans who fall for his tricks because of their own pride.  How he loves to destroy a soul and take it for his own.  He collects souls to feed on, for him and his army of damned ones.  My sheep have become his food and how he hates mankind, for taking his place in My eyes, for I loved My creation.  Yes, I do love mankind, but they have fallen very far from the place I created for them.  It is only because of My loving mercy that I have prepared a way for them to return to Me, through the Blood of My only begotten Son, who took all of their punishment upon Himself.  He humbled Himself for their sake.

Take Me with you wherever you go now, never forgetting that I AM with you and will be calling on you soon.  You will leave your realm of sin and death behind in exchange for eternal peace, joy and love.  Wrap up your time spent in all other pursuits.  Yes, get your affairs in order and leave notes to those that may come to your home in search of food or water.  They will find the bread of life.  It will be a time unlike any other in history and your worst imagining could not prepare you for it.  Rocks will rain from the sky and fire and brimstone.  The bugs will come up from the pit as the veil is lifted.  I will give man all he has imagined and desired to do.  I did not let mankind achieve this in Babylon, but this time Babylon will receive her reward and nothing will be held back .  Once the locusts come, it will be too late to call back their plans.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth in these days, for the worst fears of a man cannot prepare him for this horror.  They will be stricken where they stand with eyes alight in fear. Oh how Satan has deceived them and yes, I will take out all the false prophets before this. They will be first to be exposed, yes first for Satan’s kingdom.  Note:  I asked the Lord about a specific preacher who had come into my mind because I had seen that he was holding a massive rally or conference in Toronto that is leading people astray – Kenneth Copeland, who is as wicked as they come, you can see it in his eyes.  This is what I heard the Spirit say:  He will be tormented forever and ever for he will not repent.  He is high up in Satan’s kingdom and has received the Spirit of Leviathan who rules him.  ===========================================================================

Write of the ones who will be left outside the gates because of unrepentant sin and lost chances.  Why would they not come to the banquet when they could have replied with their lives.  For they will have gone through great tribulation but would not humble themselves before the Most High in all His splendour.  He will judge the earth.  As Dan said (Godshealer7); there is no more time and the hour is upon you.  Your time on this earth is coming to a close.  I asked about this September 23, 2017 sign in the heavens and whether this was signalling a time that God was pointing us to and I heard the Spirit say.  NO, they are making their own plans and using My signs to do it.  It is a deception created by man to hide what is coming upon this earth.    They try to tear down your civilization to build their own empire.  They will not succeed until after I have taken My children. Their rule shall be short and they will not escape.

That is why I have warned all My children to focus on spending time in My presence, seeking Me for all of your wisdom, not relying on man’s wisdom, which is all folly.  Even those who are seeking after Me are still following their own ideas and truth lies in their mind, wrapped around egos which always leads to pride.  Unless I give them the wisdom, they are all following blind guides.   Look up and keep your eyes, heart and mind on Me.  I call you home.                                                                                                                                                         ============================================================================

Write of those who will mock and scoff to their own damnation.  They let themselves have full control over all those around them and draw them in with lies and deceit.   Woe to those who do not know Me in those days.  I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh and you will be given power to tread on serpents and scorpions.  I Am your only shelter and you must trust Me with all your heart, mind and strength.  Let those who let, until the Restrainer is taken out of the way.  Speak of those who will walk on water and do mighty exploits even greater than I did when I sojourned on the earth. They will rescue those calling out to Me and help bring home the harvest of souls from the earth before My wrath falls on this wicked and perverse generation.  Tell others now that this is coming.

Waves of destruction will topple every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of I AM.  The waves will sweep all the evil back into the pit from whence it came. Try to see the time for it is upon you.  All is well in the world or so it seems to so many.  They eat, they drink, they dance and play.  All dancing to the tune from the merry prankster and father of lies.  Oblivious to the coming destruction and wrath about to hit every shore of every nation.  Blessed is he who has made himself ready for the marriage supper of the lamb.  Yes many will be caught unaware as they have already fallen into the traps laid for them.  They seek to hide their plans, but nothing is hidden from My eyes.  Time has come to an end as the hands have rested at 2 minutes to 12:00 – 2 minutes is only My mercy.  The King of Glory is coming.  He will slay with the breath of His mouth and the brightness of His coming.


Bless the Lord oh my soul


Hammer of the Gods

Words Received June 13, 2017

The King of Glory

Today is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad in it always giving thanks for what you receive, knowing all good gifts come from Me, Your Provider and Creator, Master of the Universe.  Yes it is all one, all My creation.  Nothing has been made that has not been made by Me.  Soon, it will all be changed.  In a twinkling of an eye, as you also will be changed, exchanging corruptible for incorruptible.  Those who walk in the light as I am in the the light shall share in the glory that is everlasting.  Those who did not seek Me will be left outside the gates and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Those that stumble at My commands will fall to everlasting torment.  How they will howl and lament their fate.  When I say the Word, My Son will leave His chambers and go on the journey to gather His bride.  It is as you have guessed.  Those who are waiting and ready for Him will go in to the preparations made by Him.  He longs to be with you as well.  It is only my great mercy that keeps the door of time open for the lost sheep.  That is why I have commanded all my children to go and help gather those who have wandered off and those who do not know Me.

There will not be any more time left when the hammer of the gods falls on the inhabitants of the earth.  They are held back only by My hand.  Once my possession is removed then they will be loosed to do what they have been waiting to do.  It is all under My control and nothing moves that I do not let be so.  Why will people not repent? Because the hammer smith has them bound and gagged with the talons fashioned by their own prideful hands.

Wait for the summer sun to be midway before the clock strikes its final bell.  So when they see the ships returning from their ports of the princes by the Mediterranean sea, know that the time has come.  Yes I will show you when you must go and prepare the people for their King.  Hu Yavo.  Be ready my little ones, for you will not know the day. There are those that still try and do this but one by one they have been forgotten.  Keep your lamps lit for your Bridegroom cometh.

Yahshua HaMassiach

Update June 19, 2017;  The Lord led me to look up the phrase Hammer of the Gods and what I found was astounding.  There are so many references to this in rock music and movies and shows.  They all seem to speak of some sort of apocalypse or judgement day

Here and now, I’m mystified, What is wrong, what’s right

When the blind lead the blind, on the edge of creation; in despair from a clash of emotions, in a world full of anxious fear. Send us hope, bring us salvation (they are calling for the anti-christ)

Can you hear The hammer of gods in the distance; tossed through the universe beyond.  Can you feel the strong arm of law and existence.  They’re leading our way. Let’s follow the hammer of gods

When my mind is going insane, tell me who’s to blame.  It’s a beast, it’s a priest (Can you say False Prophet….aka Francis?)

Is it matter of madness?  Don’t dare to rely on illusions. Believe in a maze of thoughts. Lead us the way to our redemption. Can you hear the hammer of gods in the distance, tossed through the universe beyond.

Can you feel the strong arm of law and existence.  They’re leading our way.  Let’s follow the hammer of gods

When a force is rising, through the night; for a battle, standing tall for the fight (the giants are coming)

When hope’s ascending, no fear inside, for salvation, standing tall to heaven on high. Can you hear the hammer of gods in the distance.  Tossed through the universe beyond

Can you feel the strong arm of law and existence.  They’re leading our way forever and ever.  We’ll follow the hammer of gods

Those who follow and worship the anti-christ and take his mark, identifying your allegiance to him, you will be damned for eternity.  He has fooled so many, I pray they all will awaken now before it is too late.

Hammer of the Gods – by Paragon

Deadly attack at the sirens call, a thunderous sound as the weapon falls.  Hammering fear inside your heart.  Try to face the danger, ripping you apart.  Suicidal weapon for the final attack.

Face the last curtain, there’s no turning back.  Feel the hammer of the gods, certain death from above.

Erased landscapes and poisoned seas; nuclear winter devastates your dreams.  Burning cities and melting flesh.  All you loved turned to ash.  Path of destruction, the signs of defeat.

Stand up and fight or die on your knees.  Total destruction, nuclear waste.  Masters of power digging our graves.  Terminal war abandoned all hope.  The neck of mankind caught in a rope.

Nice eh?  This is a song, written by someone full of the spirit of anti-christ.  Satan so hates humanity and works diligently for our destruction.  He comes disguised as an angel of light and talks of unity of peace (think Pope Francis here) but it is all deception.

Only Jesus loves, seek Him while you still can.


Put On Your Garments of Praise and Enter In


Some will come to the banquet without their proper attire; they will then see that I AM the Lord their God, who only allows those who have entered in through the sheep fold, after the Shepherd, shod in the garments of His praise.  He is worthy to receive all worship from mankind.  Come to Him, all who are heavy laden and in need of rest.  Take no thought of when these events will take place and do not store up for yourself treasures on earth.  Yes there are those who have only followed after their own desires and wants, giving heed to My Son only when they allotted the time and then going right back to their own endeavours.

When it is time to call My children home, you will see an uptake in the number of people who are listening to the many lies of your world.  They let their masters have complete control over all the aspects of their lives.  They are slaves that will live and die in bondage, never knowing the freedom that was theirs for the taking in Yeshua.  If they had only listened to Him, they would have eternal life.  Do you know what this really means?  The height and depth of what I have for those who love Me is immeasurable in scope and price.  Timeless priceless blessings of peace.  

When you see the time beginning to show signs of slowing down, you will know the time of harvest draws nigh.  You have already started to notice this.  The traps have all been set with the wicked ones lying in wait for all their pray.  The world is asleep, a deep trance because of the sorceries of men using the technology of the fallen.  Yes daughter, the Destroyer is from Me and it is here.  When the cobwebs clear you will be able to see it.  The tarps of chemical have obfuscated it from the view of the populations but their sorceries  are failing.  I will reveal all when it is time.  Don’t worry about when.  Get to work.  Seek out those who you can share the truth.  Note from me:  I had been asking God what this “planet” or second sun was that I have seen with my own eyes quite a few times now.  It is a heavenly body and there are more than one.  I had a dream three years ago where I was looking up at the bright clear blue daytime sky (which is almost unheard of now where I live).  I saw our sun and also I saw that we had a full moon (which you can now see all day for some reason).  There was also a greyish black planet, a green planet and a red planet.  It was quite alarming and so clear.  I ran around telling people to look up……and not one person did.  This is a short video I did a few weeks ago

Here I received some personal instruction on where and how to go and share but it is just like those people from the Last Reformation – just go and do the works as the Disciples did in the book of Acts with sharing the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, making disciples and baptising in water, all in the name of Jesus.

Now rest and remember:  I AM with you always even until the end of the age.

Your Loving Saviour and King – Papa Yeshua