Seek the Treasures of the Kingdom of God


Word received January 3, 2019, released January 8, 2019

Oh daughter how many times have I spoken to you asking you to come to Me now as you are.  I Am well pleased that you have desired to hear from Me and to do My will for your life.  So many are desiring the things of this world rather than the treasures I have for each of My annointed ones.  There is much to say because time is very short now for your world.  I come in all My Glory and all those who belong to Me will see Me for Who I Am.  Many will say in that day, remember me Lord, and I will say I never knew you.  This is a great tragedy and will cause many to lose their minds in grief when they see they will not be taken to be with Me in My Father’s House.  The Day of the Lord is at hand.  It will be a day of great darkness as the descendants will rise from their graves and brought before My glorious Throne.  Touch those around you who are hurting and scared, who did not know the Truth because they were deceived by the god of this world.  Asatan has devised many plans to ensnare those that would call out to Me.  If My little ones will humble themselves and repent of their sins, they will be forgiven for their many sins.  Why were so many deceived?  Because I have let it be so.  You must be seeking the Truth in order to find it, it’s as simple and pure as that.  How can you find something you were never looking for?  The blinders will be removed from the eyes of those who want to see the Truth.  When they see what the man of sin will do, it will cause those who once belonged to Me to call out for help.  When they look upon the One whom they have pierced, they will grieve and mourn mightily.

The sands of time have trickled through slowly but will now begin to pour.  Take what has been given to you and share it with others now.  The wealth of nations will be taken in one day.  The leaders will gather together to give their power unto the beast with deceit dripping from every blasphemous word he speaks.  They will not relent on their attacks on the people as they each vie for prosperity in his kingdom.  They believe they will be as gods as he has promised them.  The snakes are in the parlour and the food has been spoiled.  Fear spills over into every part of your realm as many invest the time and efforts to prevent evil from taking their souls.  For many it is already too late as they have given away their birthright.

Take no time to run after any false teachings of men. The lukewarm masses will run to My Holy Fire.  The churches will fall into the melting pot of their one world agenda.  One religion, one faith, one leader, one money system and one pit.  Do not follow them, follow Me.   I Am your Saviour and I will lead all that have been given to Me by My Father.  Asatan will not be allowed to pluck them from My hand.  There will be many lying signs and wonders but you will see through their lies.  Do not be afraid and seek Me for your daily bread and protection from the evil one.  Death will pass over your household, all those who mark the lintels of your hearts with My blood.  When they come searching for who is Mine, I will hide you from their eyes. Their technology will fail them and when they cannot take mine, they will be sorely vexed.

Now, let Me tell you how to live.  Write about those who plan to market their flesh as sanctified when it is corrupt and diseased with sin.  They will try to herd you into places of worship that are NOT of Me.  This is why I have taken you through the church system and out the other side.  For they were created to herd people in and mark them.  They will use their technology to track each person and those not willing to be tracked will be labelled as dissenters, who will be hunted down and killed.  I will keep you off their radar but you must remain with Me at all times, not giving heed to any spirit that does not confess that I have come in the flesh.  Wicked are they who seek to hide their plans from the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies.  Wrap yourselves up with light, stay in My presence and seek Me for guidance each day.

The Kremlin will step forward now and make their move to take back their power that was taken by the Republic of the once free nation.  All will be revealed now in the light of My Glory.  Wrap yourselves in light!  The armies will march upon the land of the free and home of the brave but their bravery will fail them and their freedom has been sold out from underneath them.  The armies will be ferocious and unforgiving as the people will pay for the sins of their leaders.  There is no stopping this invasion and I will not relent in My plans when the Restrainer is lifted.  How could they not see their enemies at their gates?  Because they came in under the guise of freedom.  Many trojan horses were helped in to place by those who have sold their souls for money and power.  Their judgment shall be swift and just and will not contain any mercy.

Wash your robes in My Blood.  Keep your thoughts, words and actions pure as you wait upon My deliverance.  I will lead you to others who will follow Me in the same way.  Stay in My presence and worship at My alter of grace.  It will soon be too late for many who have sought only after the treasures and pleasures of your world rather than seek the treasures found only in My Kingdom.

Now go and seek Me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, for I AM worthy to be praised.
Your loving Saviour and King Yeshua


Come Together


Words Received November 29, 2018 (11:11:11) at 11:00 pm

Reach out to your brothers and sisters around the world

I will for all My children to join together now as the end time harvest is at hand.  Come with Me now as I lead and guide you in all your ways.  For you must hear me now to be protected from all that will befall your earth.  The evil one leads his army of darkness as they salivate at the thought of destroying My sheep.  They will scratch and claw their way up through the layers and burst their bonds asunder as they come from the pit.  Those from above that have fallen below will torment humanity.

My army comes from a far country and will slay the beasts in the times to come.  Much will befall the inhabitants of earth as the clay is mixed with iron to create abomination heaped upon abomination.  Get ready to go at a moment’s notice and seek My Holy Fire of protection to be around you at all times.

Keep coming to Me, asking in faith and you will receive the desires of your heart.  I Am a faithful God and My Word cannot be broken.  Join together as one in Messiah to answer the call that has been put upon your lives.  Take no thought of what you will eat or drink and let go of anything that is weighing you down.  For My Glory!  You will rise and fulfill the plan I had for you from the beginning.

I Am Coming Soon

Repent and keep watch, for you know not what time the Master returns.  Don’t let Him find you sleeping and slacking but alert and ready.  My army of chosen ones.  Let this time be a lesson to you to put no weight in anything of this world, for it will all burn.

Shalom Aleichem

Yeshua, your soon coming King

Matthew  18:20 – “For where two or three have gathered together in My Name, I am there in their midst.”

In this verse in Matthew, Jesus was not talking about His followers joining together in worship at a church or anywhere, but rather He was saying to gather together in His Name!  We do not have to all be together in one room or even in one country.  This is a powerful promise and Holy Spirit is highlighting this to me today.  Our God is an awesome God.

They Come With Unclean Hands

Time for a re-post. Judgement will begin in the house of God first. I am saddened by what I see in mainstream churches and the worship of self and everything the self desires, including their worship performances. Come out of her my people. – June 5, 2018

Yahweh's Words


I wrote a message from our Father that seems to speak to those in the large churches who do not understand that they are not worshipping Him.  The churches have allowed the world to dictate what is taught and their programs pander to those seeking entertainment rather than real worship.  They are really being deceived and for the most part, the ones leading are deceived themselves, so it truly is a case of the blind leading the blind. They follow all these self-help programs, such as the one where a woman shows you how to attract that godly man of your dreams.  It is packaged to be godly, but really, it is self seeking, self serving and worldly.  Most of these people have been deceived themselves by the god of this world and do not even realize they have fallen away.  Come out of her my people and worship God in Spirit…

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3 Days of Darkness – Seek God Now While He May Be Found

I keep hearing “3 days of darkness” in my spirit so I am reposting this word. I have also been meditating on every mention of ‘3 days’ in the Bible and it is just incredible. I encourage your to do the same. For all who seek shall find. Shalom

Yahweh's Words


Recorded Words from God  – November 6, 2016

Isaiah 60:1-3 Arise, shine; For your light has come!  And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.  For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.

Time for all to come into my storehouses.  Those who have made themselves ready and washed their robes in the Blood of My precious Son Yahshua (Jesus).  He paid the price for your sin debt so that you may enter into My Courts.  Do not be like the heathens who hear My glorious Truth and toss it away in the morning trash.  Renew yourself daily through repentance, praise and prayer and do not worry about tomorrow, for it will take care of itself.  Place your cares and worries at my alter of grace now…

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Time Comes Quickly



Posted May 17, 2018

I have been receiving a lot from the Holy Spirit over the last 6 months but most was geared to my walk with events mixed in and I was told not to share.  Apparently it is time to begin again.

Words Received May 14, 2018

I have told you that things would happen quickly as time speeds up at the end of your time. There are many events planned by the evil ones yet they don’t seem to realize that I AM in control of this earth and the heavens, and nothing happens that I do not let be so. Tarry not on the instructions I have given you for they will keep you ready and in My presence.  You have let the enemy distract you by your flesh, yet you have not fully left My presence (this is true, I have not been spending the time I wanted with the Lord but have been focusing on myself, my job and seeking entertainment in all it’s forms). I tell you now to return with your whole heart and I will guide you through the minefields you will navigate in this time of the end.  No man will be able to stand on his own.  If you are not for Me you are against Me.  Tidal waves of destruction are coming to overtake many cities, villages and towns situated on many waters.  Drink in My presence, be still and know that I AM God.  Let those lessons of the past keep you from returning, like a dog to it’s own vomit.  

Write of those who will take the treasures stolen from many temples and create their own shrine in Jerusalem.  They will build their temple.  I say theirs because it is not of Me and is an abomination, from which the Antichrist will rule and reign.  All the peoples of the world will be fooled by the devilish plans of the wicked rulers who have carved out their own destinies and cemented their fate – Yes the Master Masons who have rejected the cornerstone, the ONLY cornerstone who makes all prideful men stumble. For only the meek shall inherit the earth.  There will be no rising from the ashes for them. Lucifer has deceived the whole world.  He will inhabit the praises of his people just as I do.  This is why I have told you to spend every day in worship.  

Let me tell you that there will not be one left standing.  The wicked shall be completely burned up and will blow away like chaff in the wind.  You see now that there is no end to the wickedness and depravity of men which is why My Son Yeshua had to die in restitution for the many sins.  Cold is the place they want but hot is what they will get. They manufacture their own environment for their own comfort while torturing the rest of mankind.  

The trumpet will sound and the dead in Christ shall rise first, then those who are alive and remain will join together with them to meet Me in the clouds and so shall they ever be with Me in My Kingdom in heaven and on earth.  Take the time to go now and seek those hearts that are searching for the truth, I will lead you to them.  Humble yourself in My site daily and I will lift you up.  The righteous shall prosper and the world will be made right again (I will turn it right side up again).  Set the stage for My Son.  He is coming and will take His remnant before My wrath is poured out.  Let those who are in the forefront of your mind be with you in spirit as you go.  Share the gospel, do the works I have commanded you to do.  Greater works shall be done by My remnant bride than those of my Disciples.  Let those thoughts of self die and think of others first and I will give you My heart.  Time is oh so short now.  I am proud that you have fought the good fight and resisted evil.  You are mine and shall be with Me in paradise.  Look up and keep your garments clean My child. Worship Me, resist the devil and he will flee.

Michael will soon be removed and all hell will ascend and descend upon you.  Yes My angelic host who have wandered from My presence, will be seen in your skies and the fallen ones will mimic visitors from another planet.  The deception is all around you and traps are about to snap shut.  All those not in My presence will be caught.  

Write of those who will take out their weapons of warfare as I have provided and will overcome the darkness.  My Spirit will be removed when My remnant are taken to the hiding place.  Worry not.  Love Me by spending time with Me.  If you loved someone and they never wanted to be with you, would this not hurt you?  Then you know, I also have feelings and emotions.  I created you in My image.  I love you.  Come to Me for time is over.

Your loving Saviour and Papa Yah, YHWH

(As you can see, a lot of this is directed to me because that is the prayer I have been praying.  I have removed some that was only pertaining to me, including certain people. I will begin to pray for the whole world now).




Destruction for America

Released October 19, 2017

This is a post that was written over 10 months ago but I was not released to post it and for that I was glad because it talks of destruction and horrific things.  I believe the time is upon us now so I have prayed about this and the Lord has given me more which I will add at the end.  May God be with us all.

I have been posting in order, the words I received from the Father and it is absolutely incredible that they are relating to events that are being revealed in our world.  The other day I posted about secret societies  and rituals involving children as the #Pizzagate revelation was happening but the words were given about 6 weeks previous to all this coming out in the news.  God has given me encouragement for my walk but also much warning to anyone who will listen.  I can’t worry about who will read these words because I believe the Lord will lead whoever needs to hear them.  Here I am going to write of specific mentions of America and what is coming as a compilation thus far.  God is speaking to all the people of the world but I felt like today He wanted me to post specifically about America.  I would rather tell everyone that Jesus loves them and everything is going to be okay, but it is not.  Bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes and if you are not born again and hidden in Christ, then it is going to be a very dangerous time.  Obviously you do not have to believe me, but I would urgently encourage you too seek Jesus while you still have breath.  If you see some of these events coming to pass, then please, get on your knees, repent, ask God to forgive you in Jesus name and ask Him to guide you from then on out.  Believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and you will be saved. The following words were give on different days in October and November (2016) but I am putting them together as one. Time is short.

God Speaks of Destruction for America

Tornado alley will be torn up by their weather machines, as will many other areas in the north.  It is my judgement upon the inhabitants of the earth.  Watch and pray and I will deliver you.  The hand of the oppressor is lifted against you once the quakes hit the middle of that country that is run by devils

Total destruction is coming to America.  Her false prophets will be silenced in their pulpits and all the sages will be cut off.

The cataclysm is brought by the people for the people and Obama will stay on his throne until the desolation is complete.  Magicians and sorcerers have confided and cajoled all who can decide on the fate of that nation and demons and satyrs will dance on the land of the once free.  Tell all who will listen of this coming destruction and urge them to repent. Glory is mine says the Lord. and I will share it with no other.  The timekeeper will freeze the hands of time until the mystery of inequity is revealed.  The false prophet has seen to it (the Pope of Rome), that as many as worship the beast will be sidled by the wayside in their pride.

The power structures are clamoring to release their final plans into motion with much planned destruction.  Yes they will use their Russian counterpart to blame on for the fire and smoke that comes out of the sea.  Kislev 17 will be a day to be remembered with the water as high as the walls of Jerusalem as Jonathan has uttered.  Water will cover all the lanes of the city by the sea.  That great city will be no more.


Three Days of Darkness

Watch for the sign of Jonah who was hidden for 3 days.  As it will be for those dwelling on the earth who will see darkness on the land but will remain hidden in Me.  Three days in the belly, though it will seem bad, I will be there along with you and you will emerge into my glorious light.  The power grid will be attacked from within and be blamed without.  The enemies are within the gate and all are vulnerable to this sneak attack.  Yes New York will be hit in the middle of the night.  The world wide web will be shut down as they will not allow the world to communicate help to each other.  Store provisions for this time which will occur when Saturn turns the corner into the elliptical orbit of the number nine system.  Grip your chairs and hang on tight, not letting go of My hand.  ** Here I heard the word Saturday, so this  could be when these events happen.  What Saturday is not known. Here I think I questioned that I was hearing from God as He then said Do not doubt My words, but rather trust in Me.  It will happen and there will be no new real president as you have guessed**.  They seek to hide their real plans until the time they will enter into their arks but yes, I will destroy them where they stand.  The rocks designed to keep danger out will only serve to keep the real danger in.

Donald Trump will win but will not be allowed to remain to rule that nation for My judgement comes.  I say to all who are blinded by this farce of fairness, that I have allowed the man of sin to remain to bring about the judgement upon America.  The people are in a deep sleep but will be jolted awake.  The riots will begin by the 12th when the doors open for chaos to remain.

The nightmare has only begun for America and the world.  The dominoes will begin to fall when I lift My hand from this land.  What a time they will have trying to to decipher all the traps set for them, to dart around all of the snares ready to be tripped.  Satan is laughing at his handiwork, as the whole world lies in his hands.  The Antichrist is straightening his tie, waiting backstage to make his grand entrance.  It is Obama, the man of peace.  Most have fallen for his ways, but My children, the ones who hear My voice, have not.

Mushroom clouds will be seen on many shorelines in America once Israel has been attacked, there is no turning back.  Their war machines are all in place, all over the earth, while people slept, they were shipped on every continent.  Many were brought in by the shores of Florida when the population was told to scatter from the storms.  If you could only see the traps they have been set for you.  They will come for your weapons as only they will be allowed to have them.  Open up your hearts to hear this truth now now or you will wail later.  They have their camps set up for all those who do not follow the plan and give consent for their total takeover.  They will come for the children as families will be separated.

Obama will strike a powerful blow against his people by mid December.  As the snow flies, the missiles will also rain down.  So many will be killed and families will be marched off to their homes away from home.  Hilary is charged to head up this operation by her masters.  No, Donald Trump will not rule the land for chaos will ensue before any changing of the guard takes place.  The people will mourn when they see they have been fooled again by the wicked ones who seek their destruction.  So much will happen in those 7 years that many new believers will sprout up around the earth.  Tell as many as you can to seek Me now as you do not know what tomorrow brings and nobody is promised another day.  Set yourselves apart from the masses and keep your garments clean.

Words Received October 19, 2017

I prayed and asked the Lord if I should post these words and if there was anything else He wanted to speak through the Holy Spirit at this time and this is what was given to me in my spirit.

Write of those who will take My children out of their homes in the middle of the night to the planned horror camps.  They have numbed the minds of the people through their endless witchcraft and manifest poisons.  They drip from the sky and cover the minds of all those not sanctified by My grace.  Yes post what I have given you and tell them Trump is a president in name only – he is going to lead that country into a pit from which there there is no escape.  His masters tell him what to say and when to say it.  He is the puppet king who is only a seat warmer for the true power, who is the Pope.  Let not your hearts be troubled for I will shelter you from this storm and hide you in My secret place.  How many will fall will be determined when the smoke clears, but by then you will be gone from this earth and in My Holy presence.  Yes, write now, for the time has come.  Get into the ark of My salvation children, for the tidal wave of destruction comes.  Satyadev has spoken.  (this is a name that means Lord of Truth as I have written previously).  Come My children to the place I have prepared for you.




Time to Rise Up

Words Received October 16, 2017

Yes, I will tell you that it is time to rise up and go to those I will lead you to.  For I now come and will have you fulfil the destiny I have created for you.  Do not let your fears keep you from fulfilling My plan for your life.  For when they say “peace and safety”, then sudden destruction will come.  There are many who have turned away from waiting for My Son because of false words and false dates.  For I have said that the wisdom of man is folly.  Your ways are not My ways, your thoughts are not My thoughts. Those that have made themselves ready through faith alone in My Son, who has fulfilled all of My commands.  You can do nothing on your own, in your own strength.  When you love Me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength, then I will carry you to where I have planned.  Eye has not seen nor ear heard all that is in store for those that love Me. Yes My words are to you and for you to share with others.  I will place you in My service as you have prayed.  Do not doubt and do not fear. 

There are those who will do everything in the power given to them by Satan, to drag you away from your destiny.  I will not let you go daughter.  Come to Me all who are weary and I will give you rest.  Time to go My precious ones.  Dust off the filth of your world and follow Me to paradise.  There will be times of great trouble on the horizon for those who did not seek Me, who will be left to fight for their lives and souls.  Great tribulation as has not been seen from the beginning until now.  So many have fallen for the lies of the evil one and will do his bidding.  He leads them through their own pride which has been honed in those who worship themselves.  

Tell them that the number nine system is here and will be seen by all who dwell upon the earth and many are already looking at the heavens with fear and trepidation.  When the technology of the fallen finally fails, the eyes of the people will bulge out in awe and fear at those things coming upon the earth.  Now they will see the sun as it really is. They have kept many things hidden but I will reveal all.  These ones will not be able to repent for they have followed their master to their own destinies of eternal torment. (the fallen and those doing their bidding)

Tell them I will not delay judgement any longer, for the bell tolls and the righteous will stand up to take their places.  While the others will turn away their hardened hearts as they run and try to hide themselves from My wrath.  NO MORE DELAY.  I COME

Be ready My precious lambs and cry out for the lost.  You will be changed in a twinkling of an eye at the last trump.  My watchers are ready and will assist you in your journey.  

Come to Me!

Your loving Father, Saviour and King, Yahushua

King of Kings