Hammer of the Gods

Words Received June 13, 2017

The King of Glory

Today is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad in it always giving thanks for what you receive, knowing all good gifts come from Me, Your Provider and Creator, Master of the Universe.  Yes it is all one, all My creation.  Nothing has been made that has not been made by Me.  Soon, it will all be changed.  In a twinkling of an eye, as you also will be changed, exchanging corruptible for incorruptible.  Those who walk in the light as I am in the the light shall share in the glory that is everlasting.  Those who did not seek Me will be left outside the gates and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Those that stumble at My commands will fall to everlasting torment.  How they will howl and lament their fate.  When I say the Word, My Son will leave His chambers and go on the journey to gather His bride.  It is as you have guessed.  Those who are waiting and ready for Him will go in to the preparations made by Him.  He longs to be with you as well.  It is only my great mercy that keeps the door of time open for the lost sheep.  That is why I have commanded all my children to go and help gather those who have wandered off and those who do not know Me.

There will not be any more time left when the hammer of the gods falls on the inhabitants of the earth.  They are held back only by My hand.  Once my possession is removed then they will be loosed to do what they have been waiting to do.  It is all under My control and nothing moves that I do not let be so.  Why will people not repent? Because the hammer smith has them bound and gagged with the talons fashioned by their own prideful hands.

Wait for the summer sun to be midway before the clock strikes its final bell.  So when they see the ships returning from their ports of the princes by the Mediterranean sea, know that the time has come.  Yes I will show you when you must go and prepare the people for their King.  Hu Yavo.  Be ready my little ones, for you will not know the day. There are those that still try and do this but one by one they have been forgotten.  Keep your lamps lit for your Bridegroom cometh.

Yahshua HaMassiach

Update June 19, 2017;  The Lord led me to look up the phrase Hammer of the Gods and what I found was astounding.  There are so many references to this in rock music and movies and shows.  They all seem to speak of some sort of apocalypse or judgement day


Here and now, I’m mystified, What is wrong, what’s right

When the blind lead the blind, on the edge of creation; in despair from a clash of emotions, in a world full of anxious fear. Send us hope, bring us salvation (they are calling for the anti-christ)

Can you hear The hammer of gods in the distance; tossed through the universe beyond.  Can you feel the strong arm of law and existence.  They’re leading our way. Let’s follow the hammer of gods

When my mind is going insane, tell me who’s to blame.  It’s a beast, it’s a priest (Can you say False Prophet….aka Francis?)

Is it matter of madness?  Don’t dare to rely on illusions. Believe in a maze of thoughts. Lead us the way to our redemption. Can you hear the hammer of gods in the distance, tossed through the universe beyond.

Can you feel the strong arm of law and existence.  They’re leading our way.  Let’s follow the hammer of gods

When a force is rising, through the night; for a battle, standing tall for the fight (the giants are coming)

When hope’s ascending, no fear inside, for salvation, standing tall to heaven on high. Can you hear the hammer of gods in the distance.  Tossed through the universe beyond

Can you feel the strong arm of law and existence.  They’re leading our way forever and ever.  We’ll follow the hammer of gods

Those who follow and worship the anti-christ and take his mark, identifying your allegiance to him, you will be damned for eternity.  He has fooled so many, I pray they all will awaken now before it is too late.

Hammer of the Gods – by Paragon

Deadly attack at the sirens call, a thunderous sound as the weapon falls.  Hammering fear inside your heart.  Try to face the danger, ripping you apart.  Suicidal weapon for the final attack.

Face the last curtain, there’s no turning back.  Feel the hammer of the gods, certain death from above.

Erased landscapes and poisoned seas; nuclear winter devastates your dreams.  Burning cities and melting flesh.  All you loved turned to ash.  Path of destruction, the signs of defeat.

Stand up and fight or die on your knees.  Total destruction, nuclear waste.  Masters of power digging our graves.  Terminal war abandoned all hope.  The neck of mankind caught in a rope.

Nice eh?  This is a song, written by someone full of the spirit of anti-christ.  Satan so hates humanity and works diligently for our destruction.  He comes disguised as an angel of light and talks of unity of peace (think Pope Francis here) but it is all deception.

Only Jesus loves, seek Him while you still can.



Author: yahwehswords

I am just a normal girl who has discovered the truth of who God is. He loves us so much, He is real and He is working in this world today. My desire is to love others as Jesus loved me and show others the Way. Acts 2:38 says "repent and be baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit". This is what I want to share with as many as I can. Once you receive this gift, you will be able to follow the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Hammer of the Gods”

  1. Be ready my little ones, for you will not know the day. There are those that still try and do this but one by one they have been forgotten…..
    I know! Rapture happensSeptember 23rd, at 11:50am, before high noon, when Christ was sacrificed! As in the beginning, as it will be in the end! He just showed me the time! HE showed me first on 5-11, and didn’t get the real hint til 2 days ago!! He showed me a video about what ur talking about! And He said, did u hear that?!😳
    I kept going back 5 seconds trying to freeze frame, but u know the people who made these videos, know what scenes do fly by! And are hard to capture, unless ur really looking! #IfindWaldoEveryWhere
    Thank u for more confirmation sister! We will meet soul to soul, very soon!! I’m literally counting the minutes!


  2. Thank you for sharing this dear sister. After you visited my you tube channel today and left that sweet encouraging message I found the trail back to hear where I have seen this interesting message. I heard my son mention some lyrics before and they sounded so close to truth but I knew they wernt what they seemed. When he was little he saw me with a hammer and I’m still not sure what that meant…well this morning the HI Holy Spirit led me to Ezekiel speaking of the wall he will tare down that was made with untempered mortor…sorry my spelling is aweful. Anyway I think that has to do with His warriors taring down the wall of witchcraft and sorcery. What do you think? Also I love getting personal prophetic words..because by the spirit I can tell if it is for me and it blessed greatly. If you feel led precious sis. My email is yeshuaswarnings@gmail.com Your blog is great and I love the prophetic. You obviously love the Lord greatly. sis judy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Judy for writing, it is such a pleasure to receive a message from someone who is also watching and waiting on the return of the King and listening to the Holy Spirit. This is what keeps me alive as I truly despise this earth right now. I will read Ezekiel and get back to you about anything that I come to understand (with the help of the loving Holy Spirit). I would love to correspond with you and exchange thoughts, words, wisdom and understanding that comes from the Lord. I am going to be working on my testimony this weekend as the Lord told me quite a few times now to write it out and share it. I haven’t really been procrastinating but whenever I know something is very important, I want to take great care to get it right. I really love the way you are able to share knowledge and wisdom on your videos in such a clear way. I know you are not reading it and the amount of information that you put out is incredible! This is not easy to do, but I guess that is your gift 🙂

      Thanks again for your feedback on this message. I go back and read my own blog all the time and every time I do it I am learning something new by researching certain things that I never had time to before. It blows my mind what I come across and some of the things I have written are astounding when you really look at them. Did you see what I wrote about 1776 and the Lord of the flies? Please do share more revelations etc on any other post, it really helps me to continue on. Bless you dear Sister and much love to you, your family and your precious son.



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