Time to Repent

Words Received January 30, 2017


What will they do when they start to see the truth?  Run in circles crying out for My mercy. They wash their robes in the tallow from the pigs and expect Me to cleanse them of their inequities.  They repent not for their atrocities and for that reason, I will send them a strong delusion.

Order out of chaos is their goal and they will condition the minds of all those not sanctified by the Blood of Yeshua.  He waits for My call for Him to go now.  Hold fast to your sanctity and purity and seek not after the treasures of your world.  Why would anyone not want to be with Me in paradise?  Because they cannot take the warnings I have sent, as their minds are dulled by the poisons of life, starting when they wake up until the time they lie down again.  You must stay very close to  me now or you will be swept away into the outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Tormented minds play the games of the masters, until it is time for their lives to be over – never seeing they have lost their way back home.  Wanton lusts choking out their souls, extinguishing  the light inside of them.  Target practice is what they become, searching for ever newer ways to please their flesh.  Why not tell them to repent.  There still may be a few stragglers for you to hold the door for.  

Yes it is time my dear daughter.  This is real and it is happening.  Soon now you will hear the Yasiti Chamolcha trump for your invitation.  I prepared a place for all those following the Lamb.  Yeshua will step through that door you heard of today.

Editor’s Note:  I do not know what Yazidi or Yasiti Chamocha means or how it is spelled but it seems to be speaking of the type of trumpet that will be sounded when Jesus calls for the bride to come.  If you have any knowledge of these words or thoughts, please send me a message.  Also, the door in heaven that the Lord says I heard of today was in this video below.  Very exciting times we live in indeed.

Time to go, repent all and do not hold on to your life nor look back.  The threshold has been crossed and the wicked will win no more.  Go to sleep and dream.  I love you.

Papa Yeshua


Author: yahwehswords

I am just a normal girl who has discovered the truth of who God is. He loves us so much, He is real and He is working in this world today. My desire is to love others as Jesus loved me and show others the Way. Acts 2:38 says "repent and be baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit". This is what I want to share with as many as I can. Once you receive this gift, you will be able to follow the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is coming soon!

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