Look Up In The Sky


So, you think it is time to start to get to work?  If not now, then when.  The clock strikes midnight and the sheep are asleep.  Wake them up now daughter, lest they miss My call when I come.  Look up in the sky and you will see marvellous sights, that many will have their knees buckle in fear and faint from confusion and dread.  Do not worry what the wicked ones are doing.  I will have them in derision.  Having eyes they see not and ears they hear not.  Talk to all those I send you to.  Yes you will step out in faith for I will be with you.  

Write now about all the ones who sit on their hands because Satan has them bound in confusion and derision.  False prophets abound and confound the people.  I AM sending this delusion and will see who is following Me or are following the father of lies.  They will mourn when they see how they have been fooled.  Yes, even Steve*.  Woe unto them who answer the call of wicked men preying on their pride and stroking egos to their own shame.  **Steve is a preacher from Australia that I used to listen to.  He had wonderful teachings on the end times and was following the call God had on his life.  He now seems to be preaching about the Trump prophesies and how he is God’s man, sent to save America etc, like so many others I have heard.  God is saying this is a lie, and they have been fooled.  They are now fooling the public and many are buying it.  It only shows who is following the prophecies of men and men to save them, rather than who is following our Creator.  Sadly, many are failing this test.

When you see the two suns clearly in the sky, go out boldly proclaiming that the Son of Man comes in His Glory.  Shed not any tears for those who will not see, for they have chosen their path.  Everyone gets to choose which side they are on. If they are not for My Son, then they are against Him.  

I personally have seen the second sun about 5 times now and have pictures and video.  I typed “second sun” into Youtube and got 172,000 results for videos.  So there is something there.  What it means exactly, I do not know, but God does.

This is only one video of the 172,000

Author: yahwehswords

I am just a normal girl who has discovered the truth of who God is. He loves us so much, He is real and He is working in this world today. My desire is to love others as Jesus loved me and show others the Way. Acts 2:38 says "repent and be baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit". This is what I want to share with as many as I can. Once you receive this gift, you will be able to follow the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is coming soon!

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