Sunset is Upon the Earth


What in the world are you going to do when I come for you?  Will you look back?  Remember Lot’s wife.  Don’t worry about what you will eat and what you will drink for I provide all of your needs. Worship not the things of this world for they will not stand the test of time.  Start with My Word every day.  Speak it out loud for it to manifest all the blessings planned for you.  What a friend you do have in Jesus for He is your betrothed.  Separate yourself from the world and from all sin.  What more can I tell you but to be ready for when My Son comes for you at midnight.  Have your belongings ready and go out to meet Him for He is at the gates.  Many have heard the first blasts of the shofar announcing He is near.  **This all relates to the process of the ancient Jewish wedding.  When you understand this, it will really help you to see clearly what the Lord is saying here.  [2 short videos]


You are correct that each must walk their own path to Me, though many are now falling away.  I will have mercy on those who call out in true repentance, not seeking to save their own lives.  For many shall say to Me, Lord Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, have we not cast out demons and healed the sick in your name, and I will say to them, depart from Me I never knew you.  Do you know why I will say this?  I tell you the truth that many are following after their own glory and to be noticed by men.  See that you do not follow this path, for there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


When the summer ships leave the harbour in Auckland, they will only make it out to the middle of the sea before the trumpet will sound and the dead shall rise first.  Set sail for the promised land and hold fast to my promises.

When the showers begin, the sky will be alight with streaks of fire!  Show them that you have already written down that sherry is the colour of the ocean with patterns of bronze in the shadows of the ships.  The oxide dust will paint the sky crimson as the wicked ones plot to deceive all with their alien saviour gods.

How silly man is to buy Satan’s snake oil.  So blinded by their own cravings for power that they will not see their own destruction coming.  Pride rules in their hearts as they seek to hide their plans from Me.  Silly disobedient children who have taken my truths and hidden, squandered and sold out their own souls to the father of lies.  

Stopgap the crisis actors and give up the green screen to highlight their reality of choice to fool all those who do NOT hear my voice.  Choice cuts of beef have been given to the Pied Piper to silence the wolves while the lambs are led to the slaughter.  Stay very close to me now and seek to hide nothing from My eyes. **  [I truly have no idea what this means but I believe is giving descriptive ways of deception using crisis actors and paying off those who help deceive the masses.]


Some of what I will write here, I have questioned and prayed about because it is very hard to hear and may seem to be pretty unbelievable by most.  I am simply trying to be obedient and share what I have received from the Lord after praying to hear from Him and worshipping in the Spirit.  Always discern and pray about anything you read.:

The nightmare has only begun for America and the world.  The dominos will begin to fall when I lift My hand from this land.  What a time they will have trying to decipher all the traps set for them, to dart around all of the snares ready to be tripped.  Satan is laughing at his handiwork as the whole world lies in his hands.  The Antichrist is straightening his tie, waiting backstage to make his grand entrance.  It is Obama, the man of peace.  Most have fallen for his ways, but My children, the ones who hear My voice, have not.  Yes daughter, write all that I say to you and share with whoever will listen.  I am speaking through many of my children at this time, as it is almost time to call My little ones home.  

Yes, you must work while it is still daylight.  Kislev 17 is the beginning of sorrows.  Watch and pray for My hand to stay on the land for more to be brought into My Kingdom.  Worry not about timing but focus only on serving Me in any way you can.  You do not realize what a gift you have been given and will be overjoyed when you return home to Me.  If you could only see where the children of disobedience are going, you would scream My name from the rooftops.  They go down to Sheol in the darkest of pits, where the torment they will endure on earth in the tribulation will seem mild in comparison.  Oh my children, please return to Me in repentance, for I cannot have sin in My presence.  My Son died for you and waits for you to ask.  He mourns for all those who have rejected Him.  I knew who you were from the foundation of the world and all your days are numbered  What joy awaits those who have opened the door to My Son where He went in to sup with them.


Sunset is upon the earth now and soon you will see the balls of fire streaking across the sky.  Yemen will be hit first, watch for this.  When you hear this, look up with great expectation and readiness for you will be called to the place prepared for you by My Son.  Mushroom clouds will be seen on many skylines once Israel has been attacked, there is no turning back.  Their war machines are all in place, all over the earth while the people slept, they were shipped on every continent.  Many were brought in by the shores of Florida when the population was told to scatter from the storm Matthew.  If you could only see the traps that have been set for you.  They will come for your weapons as only they will be able to have them.  Open up your hearts to hear this truth now, or you will wail later.  They have their camps set up for all those who do not follow the plan and give consent for their own total takeover.  They will come for the children as families will be separated.

The jigsaw pieces will all come together but this puzzle can only be solved by My Spirit.  Wash your robes and make them clean and lean not on your own understanding.  Write the letters to your loved ones and leave them provisions and instructions.  I will have mercy on those who have been deceived and will forgive all those who repent in My Son Yeshua’s Name.  He loves you and waits for you to open the door to your hearts.  Sit quietly and spend time with Me now, blot out the world and wait for My call.  Yeshua’s coming for you!  Be ready My doves.




Author: yahwehswords

I am just a normal girl who has discovered the truth of who God is. He loves us so much, He is real and He is working in this world today. My desire is to love others as Jesus loved me and show others the Way. Acts 2:38 says "repent and be baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit". This is what I want to share with as many as I can. Once you receive this gift, you will be able to follow the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is coming soon!

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