Lying Signs and Wonders – Did You See the Sign Above Jerusalem on Feast of Trumpets?

There was an amazing sign above Jerusalem this year at the Feast of Trumpets that was caught by multiple people from different angles (for those doubting Thomas out there).  Personally I think these type of signs are manufactured by man using their vaious HAARP array technologies and geo-engineering playbook but it was still incredible to see.  This is what the Lord had me write on October 10, 2016:

Write what you hear for I will speak to you now daughter.  When is it time to listen?  I always speak but your mind is blocking my words to you.  Come boldly before My throne asking in Yahshua’s Name, the desires of your heart.  You must trust Me now.  Always align yourself with My will and it will lead you into paths of righteousness.  Come into my presence daily and I will give you the Bread of Life, my Holy Manna from heaven.

The wheel of life is turning around its last specter – winding down the hands of time {Note, I did not know what this word was so I googled it and this was what it told me:}

something widely feared as a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurrence.
the specter of nuclear holocaust”
 All is my creation and I will allow Lucifer’s hand to be loosed for time, times and half a time.  He clambers to be free to pull mankind into his web of deceit.  He has maneuvered man to do his bidding and they have greedily taken his bait.  Those who hear My voice will not be fooled by his cunning and my children hear My voice as many rushing waters.  There are many lying signs and wonders, do not believe them.  I have told you that you will know what signs are from Me.  My Son is ready to come and get His Bride and I am ready to give My command.  The four beasts bow down before the throne of Grace and all await with bated breath for My Command!
Come and see what I have prepared for you.  Do not be concerned for this world, for it is passing away.  The fire will consume all that is not surrendered to Me and My Will.  The chariots await their masters and the Bridegroom cometh.  Yes Daughter, hold fast to Me now and I will give you the crown of eternal life!  Talk is cheap, actions speak much louder.  Wait and see what is coming and is now at the door.  Speak of My salvation now to all, open your lips to speak the truth in love to all you meet.  Cowards will not inherit eternal life, you are not a coward.  {Note that there are repetitions here as I was working out my own salvation with fear and trembling and asking God to give me courage to go out and boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel}.  I created you to encourage others, even those who are discouraged as you are today.  I will provide for you daughter.  Lay down your burdens at the foot of My Son’s cross (execution stake).  He did not die so you can continue on carrying your burdens.  Speak kindly to those you meet and I will give you the words to speak.  You have seen My Glory but will see so much more, from glory to glory.  I never change nor sleep.  My alter is always open for those who desire to seek My Face.  Obey my commandments and hold fast to your faith in My Son.  He comes for His holy bride who has made herself ready.  Sort out your desires – what do you seek first?  Then you are ready {I said “I seek you first Lord“}.  Stay ready, do not let your lamp go out.  Satan is trying hard to snuff out as many as he can.  I know you will not let him.  What will people do when they realize they have been fooled?  They will wail and mourn and want to gouge out their eyes.  The deception of Satan is very crafty and those who have not followed My Son have already taken the bait.
I then had some specific people on my mind and I will write about what the Lord said without using any names.  The first is a friend who has fallen away and the other is a YouTube prophet making videos and repeatedly putting up dates of when Jesus will come for His bride, which keep passing.  Yahweh has told me to stop paying any attention to armchair prophets who are puffed up in their own pride.
1.  My friend – Just keep praying for her daughter. She is lost now and will be jolted awake when the tribulation snare is tripped.  She will escape with her life and will cry out to me in her distress.  I have my hand on her and will not let her go.  She is trapped by Rejection and Rebellion, the twin spirits of destruction who make their home in the traumatized children.  Keep praying for her to humble herself, repent and turn from her wicked ways.
2.  YouTube Prophet – I am not limited in My way of fulfilling My prophecy.  The stars will not behave as all expect and even those who know Me will be amazed at My Glory.  I Am the Lord your God and I have spoken.  Take heed no man deceives you by any means.  Time is up.
Talk is cheap and many are gathering followers to themselves.  Yes I speak of those who make channels to attract followers.  My sheep hear my voice and do not just seek knowledge from others.  Daniel has been puffed up, but I will humble him.  He seeks me and for that reason I will lead him to streams of living water.  He is scared now but the time is coming when all will be gripped by fear in looking at all those things coming upon the earth.  Take head that no man deceives you by any means.  Speak softly and walk uprightly, speaking the truth in love and humility.  Search out the scriptures for the wisdom you will need and lean not on your own understanding. [Here I ask about a specific prophecy in the stars and asking if this Youtuber was correct].  The Lord says; yes and no, it is much more complicated and he is learning as he goes.  Start with the feet and end with the head of the woman and the seven stars.  Malachi spoke of the time when the earth would pass through (a wormhole?) and become mirrored upon itself.  You must seek my face and hear my voice to understand all that is coming to pass before your eyes.  Time waits for no man and the season of recompense has arrived.  The Messiah comes in all His Glory – HalleluYah!
From me:  You will begin to see many signs in the sky now as the time of the end approaches, but do not be afraid.  There will be much deception mixed in with reality and the only way to tell the difference will be to know the God of creation, our Father in Heaven.  There is simply no way we will be able to stand on our own.
I encourage you to seek the truth that can only be found in our Saviour Jesus Christ {Yahshua Hamashiach)

1 Thessalonians 5

But you have no need to have anything written to you, brothers, about the times and dates when this will happen; because you yourselves well know that the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. When people are saying, “Everything is so peaceful and secure,” then destruction will suddenly come upon them, the way labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and there is no way they will escape.

But you, brothers, are not in the dark, so that the Day should take you by surprise like a thief; for you are all people who belong to the light, who belong to the day. We don’t belong to the night or to darkness, so let’s not be asleep, like the rest are; on the contrary, let us stay alert and sober. People who sleep, sleep at night; and people who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us stay sober,putting on trust and love as a breastplate and the hope of being delivered as a helmet.[a] For God has not intended that we should experience his fury, but that we should gain deliverance through our Lord Yeshua the Messiah, 10 who died on our behalf so that whether we are alive or dead, we may live along with him. 11 Therefore, encourage each other, and build each other up — just as you are doing.

12 We ask you, brothers, to respect those who are working hard among you, those who are guiding you in the Lord and confronting you in order to help you change. 13 Treat them with the highest regard and love because of the work they are doing. Live at peace among yourselves;14 but we urge you, brothers, to confront those who are lazy, your aim being to help them change, to encourage the timid, to assist the weak, and to be patient with everyone.

15 See that no one repays evil for evil; on the contrary, always try to do good to each other, indeed, to everyone.

16 Always be joyful. 17 Pray regularly. 18 In everything give thanks, for this is what God wants from you who are united with the Messiah Yeshua.

19 Don’t quench the Spirit, 20 don’t despise inspired messages. 21 But do test everything — hold onto what is good, 22 but keep away from every form of evil.

23 May the God of shalom make you completely holy — may your entire spirit, soul and body be kept blameless for the coming of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah. 24 The one calling you is faithful, and he will do it.

25 Brothers, keep praying for us.

26 Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.

27 I charge you in the Lord to have this letter read to all the brothers.

28 The grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you.

Author: yahwehswords

I am just a normal girl who has discovered the truth of who God is. He loves us so much, He is real and He is working in this world today. My desire is to love others as Jesus loved me and show others the Way. Acts 2:38 says "repent and be baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit". This is what I want to share with as many as I can. Once you receive this gift, you will be able to follow the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is coming soon!

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